Friday, February 22, 2013

A little JoJo & Aunt Leanne fix

We're still alive!  Our Instagram friends can vouch for us.  It's just that our time and energy is being sucked dry by the demands of moving: paperwork and decisions for the new house, transition planning for the "in between" period (I have to live in a hotel room with two toddlers for how long?!) plus having daily showings of the current house, on top of the pressure to keep it spotless with "Double Trouble" actively trying to undo my efforts. 
Great!  Thanks for throwing your food on the floor after I just mopped it.  Prospective buyers appreciate that "lived in" feel.
Sure, go ahead and pull every book you own off the bookshelf and scatter them about.  It really adds character to this room.
Yes, discard your coat shoes, socks, leggings, shirt and diaper after I just spent 10 minutes putting them on you and we're on our way out the door for a showing.  Fantastic idea!  "Have a naked baby greet prospective buyers" is the number one tip on every HGTV show.
Oh and then there are scheduling "exit appointments" with all of Josie's specialists...and then rescheduling them because of the snowstorm that just struck...and then begging the doctor's nurse to PUH-LEASE pull some strings and work us in before June 11...then trying to get referrals for physicians and services in our new destination. 
I used to keep my camera in a designated spot on my kitchen counter where it was easy to grab and start shooting dozens of photos of our daily antics.  Right now, other stuff takes priority, but I can't wait until things slow down and I can reunite with my DSLR BFF.  But for now, cell phone pictures are a lot more convenient. 
This morning's showing was cancelled because of weather, as was Aunt Leanne's day program.  So we took the opportunity to Skype and I got some video footage of it.  It's not one of our most entertaining videos but it should provide a little "fix" for all those JoJo and Aunt Leanne fans out there. 
P.S. Did you notice Josie's not wearing her glasses? Yes. The lenses have been scratched into oblivion. When I called, I was told that they are "scratch resistant" lenses but I think someone was asleep on the job that day and gave us the wrong kind...either that or that "scratch resistant" coating is about as durable as a piece of tissue paper. Anyhoo, those have been sent off for replacement so little Miss Josie JoJo should be rocking her pink spectacles again within a couple weeks.


  1. I am a lurker, but an avid reader of your blog. I wanted to come out of the mists of lurkdom to share with you how I just hollered over to the other side of my house to my ten year old, "Honey, come and see! There is a new Leanne video up!" and then how my ten year old came galloping in like a hungry horse whooping, "Oh wow, Yay! Cool!!
    As you can see, we're big fans :) Love your blog!!

  2. I just broke a sweat reading this! Everything will fall into place :)

  3. I can't help it, I have to laugh out loud every time Leanne says, "it P*$$*d me off"! She is just so funny, I love her :)

  4. I'm exhausted just reading about everything you're doing! Hope things are back to normal soon.

  5. Merryn's bunny slippers get me every time.