Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wild Weekend (for us)

A friend recently complained that our blog isn't updated frequently enough.

Guilty as charged.

I will say that if you're not getting enough of your CCE fix here on the blog, you can find almost daily updates (including way more of #HurricaneMerryn 's oh-so-entertaining antics) on Instagram.  But for those of you who aren't on the Instagram scene, here's a little recap of our adventurous (yes, this word is relative) weekend.

While I'm not a paid endorser (wouldn't that be grand?!), I will issue a friendly public service announcement that it's Gymbucks season at Gymboree!  I hate it when I accidentally miss Gymbucks time.  Thanks to generous Gymbucks donations from YaYa and our beloved friend, Aleksandra, I got a whale of a deal on summer clothes for my little ladies who are nearly overlapping in size.   

In non-munchkin news, Travis and I enjoyed a great date night on Saturday.  Not knowing when we'll have a chance to do it again, I warned the sitter that we would be out late (which for us old married folks is 9pm - 10 if we're feeling really wild!).  We ran a few errands and then had some dinner at this fun little Mexican restaurant.  Afterwards, we decided to enjoy a drink at the lovely wine bar next door.  I grabbed a table on the patio while Travis went in and got drinks.  When he returned, I told him it was too chilly to sit outside so we moved our little tête-à-tête indoors.  Not realizing I was right behind him (where else would I be?!) with my generously poured glass of Cabernet in hand, Travis grabbed a chair to pull it out for me (so chivalrous) and his elbow knocked my full glass of wine into my face!  I was literally soaked in red wine!  I stood there in mortified shock as vino dripped from my face and hair while Travis issued repeated apologies through his laughter.  Romance, folks.  Pure romance.  Needless to say, date night turned into catching up on our DVRed shows on the sofa.
 On Saturday, we packed up our little ladies and went on a little road trip to a fun college town about an hour away.  We had a delicious lunch at a marvelous Italian restaurant but the big draw - are you ready for this? - was Costco!   That's right.  We drove an hour to go to Costco.  It's our idea of a fun Saturday.  This is an exciting life we lead.

I was hoping to top off our little road trip with a brief stop at the outlet mall but unfortunately, Josie's attitude would not permit that.  The only way we got through Costco was by me blaring "Rolling in the deep" from my phone.  At that point I wasn't really concerned whether the other shoppers were Adele fans or not.  I would have proudly blasted the tune from an old school boom box on my shoulder if it would have silenced her whining.  Between that and my eager photography (you would've thought I was a tourist at one of the 7 wonders of the world instead of a shopper at a big box wholesaler in the Heartland), Travis pretty much pretended like he didn't know us the whole time. 
But overall, we had a fun weekend and the blog has been updated (just for you, Helena!).  Tune in tomorrow because Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne are going to squeeze in another visit before we pack up and move 12 hours away.


  1. LOL at Travis pretending not to know you! My kids love Costco too and it's always pretty crazy!

  2. I'm glad you took so many pictures at Costco - that whole picture-story was hilarious!

  3. So glad you took a bunch of pictures at Costco because that whole picture-story was hilarious!

  4. Oh I laughed out loud at the part about looking like a tourist at one of the 7 Wonders of the World!! Been there SO many times!

  5. this seriously made me laugh out loud!! Soooo adorable!!

  6. We listened to "Jesus Loves Me" about 17 times in a row yesterday in order to keep 16-month-old happy. It works! And hey, "Jesus Loves Me" isn't such a bad song to have stuck in your head! :)