Thursday, May 16, 2013

Parks, Patios, and the Pursuit of Propriety

Even though there's still plenty of unpacking/organizing/decorating/settling in to be done, us girls hate to waste a gorgeous day indoors. 
Lucky for us, there are really cool parks everywhere in our new town.  We have been on a mission to find the ideal one for us.  We set out to find one that's within walking distance, isn't too crowded, and has equipment that's geared for younger children.  That last point is especially important seeing as how Merryn is the ultimate daredevil; if the park featured a trapeze, she'd be the first in line to give it a whirl.
On Tuesday, Merryn got to realize her dream of using the big kid swing, as the park we found only had one baby swing.  Girlfriend was looking pretty smug up there!
This photo melts my heart.  Josie had gotten upset and her little sister attempted to "make it better" with a kiss. 
While we were at the park, something exciting was happening at our house.  A cement mixer pulled up and started pouring our patio.  Merryn must like heavy machinery...or buff young guys...or watching buff young guys operate heavy machinery.  You couldn't tear her away from that window.  She fancies herself a 21 month-old foreman.
The best part of getting a new patio was the opportunity to take impressions of the girls' hands in the cement. 
What could be sweeter than leaving a legacy in the form of tiny little hand prints?
 Last night we decided to enjoy dinner outdoors.  We don't have steps, we don't have grass, and we have no idea where are grilling utensils are, but we had beautiful weather, Mr. Ed roaming around in the background, and a brand new patio, so gosh darnit, we were determined to fire up the grill!
While dad was busy grilling and mom was preoccupied taking pictures, Merryn decided to tear into the Cheetos.  At least she tossed a few Josie's way...
And since proper mealtime etiquette obviously isn't a priority around here, why not just climb on the table and help yourself to your sister's plate?
Mr. Ed demonstrates better table manners than that!
Ah, but we had fun.  And we had the most delicious grilled shrimp.  Travis is the grill master, indeed.
 This morning we set out to find this incredible park our neighbors told us about.  Apparently the appeal of that particular park is not a well-kept secret around here because when we arrived, we were greeted by two busloads of school children.  Mom made the executive decision to to keep walking.  About an hour into our pursuit of the perfect park, the girls' eager anticipation had waned (especially Josie's)...
...and we found ourselves back at the park we discovered on Tuesday.  Apparently this particular park was meant to be our park.
 Love Lil Bit's Aunt Leanne pose.  Spot on, Merryn!
The girls had tons of fun, worked up voracious appetites, and napped like Rip Van Winkle...
 ...well, one of them napped like Rip Van Winkle.  The other one had already had her snooze.
So happy to report that we're having a great time in our new home!


  1. thats great! have fun exploring.

  2. Something about your new town makes your daughters look taller. Your new home looks beautiful. Congratulations on your new pet, Mr. Ed. : )

  3. looks like fun! I'm glad you guys are having a good time! Also your new patio looks divine!

  4. Thanks for sharing updates about your new home. A glimpse of those girls' smiles is so sweet in the morning.

    Good luck with getting situated!

  5. That Merryn is an absolute doll. You know, as I was looking at those first few pictures, I felt a pain that I hadn't had in quite a while. Seeing Merryn on the 'big kid swing' and Josie in the 'baby swing' reminded me of the day when our middle daughter Sharaya, being two years younger than Beth, became the big sister. A toy had come unsnapped and Beth stood there not knowing what to do. Without any prompting from me, Sharaya went over and fixed the toy, then continued playing. It's a moment I will never forget.

    Then seeing Merryn try to comfort Josie... Your pictures bring back so many memories.