Monday, May 20, 2013

The Lighter Side of CCE

Yesterday's art history lesson drew lots of positive feedback and we're so glad you enjoyed it.  But for those who prefer to be entertained instead of educated, have no fear!  We specialize in that.
Exhibit A: Aunt Leanne
Exhibit B: Aunt Leanne's protégé, Catfish with Ketchup
Josie even exclaimed "Easy Breezy" before striking this iconic pose.
Aunt Leanne would be so proud of Josie's modeling talent.  She's been training JoJo on this for a longLONG time.
Even though we promised entertainment, it appears as though there was some noteworthy education thrown in there.  Because thanks to Aunt Leanne's stellar coaching, you, too, can strike the perfect pose the next time the camera is pointed your way.


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