Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Good to Get Out of the House

One of the coolest parts about moving as frequently as we do is the opportunity to get to explore all that each new area has to offer.  And we're not just talking the city we live in - Travis and I have always been a big fan of the road trip.  This weekend offered the perfect opportunity to pile in the car in pursuit of fun and adventure.
Travis' dream destination is a good old fashioned BBQ festival and this weekend, he was in luck.  There were booths full of barbecued livestock as far as the eye can see...
 The girls were pretty indifferent to the food but they really enjoyed the playground.  After a thorough inspection by Miss Merryn, the girls took full advantage of the swings.
 Can't you just feel the wind in your face while the aroma of BBQ sauce wafts all around you?  It's pure heaven.
But the playground-induced glee paled in comparison to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of coming face-to-face with one's beloved chicken in a larger-than-life, and animated form.  It was full-on Beatlemania!

Who needs Disneyland once you've found Chickenland?
Next, it was Mom's turn to plan the road trip.  I chose an art fair.

We dined on tapas on the deck of a fun restaurant overlooking all of the action downtown.  Travis is more of a smoked animal carcass kind of guy while I'm more grilled shrimp skewers and stuffed mushrooms kind of gal.  Hey, opposites attract.

And while the art fair didn't offer racks of ribs, a playground, or people dressed as poultry (and other questionable ensembles), it was a relaxing way to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with the family. 

Ok, ok...I admit it.  It was kind of boring.  But as Leanne always says, "It's good to get out of the house!"  Indeed, Leanne.  Indeed.


  1. Still laughing over the giant chicken. I am sure Josie was in heaven. LOL Sounds like good road trips.

  2. You guys were together and you were out! Woo hoo!!