Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Big Reveal

Would you like to be able to enjoy summer days to the fullest?  Not getting enough Vitamin D?  Need some help getting your little ones to play independently so you can have some much needed R&R?  Well, pull up your lounge chair and get yourself a drink with a tiny umbrella because we have the perfect solution so that your kids can have a blast while you take a break.  Introducing the Step 2 WaterWheel Playtable:

* This is not a paid endorsement.  CCE has no relationship with the Step 2 Brand.  Our family just LOVES this product.

We should have known it would be good because it came from Travis' brother, Uncle Corey. And let me tell you folks, Uncle Corey buys the coolest gifts!

Here's how it works.  You drag out your hose.  Bonus points if you have a hot water spigot in your garage.  It comes in handy in the tundra.
 Allow extra time for the hose step.  Three year olds can get a little mesmerized by such devices.
 The water table came with one cup, but you know you need a cup for every kid.  It's a good thing Travis has a souvenir cup from every fast food stop/BBQ joint/gas station/festival he's ever frequented in his life.  Don't even get me started on the man's koozie collection (and he calls ME the hoarder!).  But tonight we are grateful for extra plastic cups.  Go Dad!
 Then grab yourself an ice cold libation, turn up your favorite summer tunes, and kick your feet up because these kids are going to be busy for a long time!
If you Google it, you can find all sorts of high-level information about how sensory play like this is really beneficial as far as fine motor develop, cognitive exploration, and increasing one's understanding of spacial relations and volume.
What we found most remarkable is how Josie stood, voluntarily, on her own two feet, for as long as we've ever seen her stand.  The one kid whose rear end has been perpetually glued to the floor since she was six months old was happy to stand!  Unbelievable!
So let's recap: 
The kids are outdoors - check
The kids are active - check
The kids are learning - check
The kids will sleep well - check
The mess is minimal - check (Hey, add soap and consider it their daily bath)
Mom & Dad can sit an enjoy an uninterrupted conversation - CHECK!
Well Folks, I think we've found a winner!  


  1. We have one of those too! It is definitely a blast and a guaranteed chunk of time that I don't have to entertain Owen. We'll be using ours today since Minnesota decided to let the sun shine and get warm.......finally.

  2. So awesome!!!! I want to play with one of those!

  3. We are missing ours today since it's rainy and gross here!

  4. Hey Uncle Corey - I want one too!!!
    That is definitely a WINNER!!

  5. We have the pirate table and it's awesome. Bonus points & hours if you add Dawn dish soap for bubbles.

    Glad everyone had a fun day.

  6. We got this same water table as a gift as well for Vada! She LOVE's it! It provides many, many hours of fun. Plus you can use it as a sensory table as well! Have fun!

  7. I knew it. Bridgie will play in the water table for hours. She has recently learned the thrill of the "mist" setting on the hose. It is her heaven on earth. She has recently graduated to the big pool, has been in three times and is already walking around by herself and blowing bubbles. Water is definitely her element!!! Enjoy!

  8. We have this exact water table and it's lasted through four summers. Add some paintbrushes and let them "paint" on concrete. Adds to the sitting-and-chatting time!

  9. monty's should pay you for making their drink cups look like such a fun addition to summer!!