Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making Memories at "The Lake"

Once again, we must apologize for our unexplained absence from the blogosphere.  Things have been really busy around here "in a good way" (as Aunt Leanne always says; although Aunt Leanne usually uses the phrase to amend an insult...but I digress).  In addition to the new residence exploring, decorating, making friends, meeting therapists, doctors appointments, family outings, and sheer-exhaustion-that-is-having-two-toddlers, we're cooking up another really exciting project that we really hope to be able to elaborate on soon!
Since we got so backlogged, today's update will be a bit of a photo dump...As mentioned previously, Travis moved to the new residence to begin his new job a couple of months before us girls moved up here and during that time, he went out on a limb and booked a little vacation for us.  Having heard all of the hype about the locals going to "The Lake," Travis figured this elusive "lake" was the perfect place to spend a long weekend. 
 The funny thing about this "lake" that everyone buzzes about, is that the surrounding area consists of of many, many, MANY lakes.  Yet people always talk about going to "The Lake" - singular.  Which lake?  Where exactly are you going?!  Heck if I know!  Travis just picked one and he found a nice little resort with the perfect lake cabin-type feel.
 It was a quaint and pretty area with a relaxing vibe.
 And we discovered something new about Josie...
 Girlfriend loves sand!
 She really digs it!  (pun intended - hee hee!)  And it sure didn't take her long to whip off her glasses and bury them.
 Of course we had to explore the local parks.
 We spent time at three different playgrounds while at "The Lake".
 Isn't it funny how it's the simple (and free) activities that amuse kids the most?
 Overall, we had a fantastic time and we owe it all to Dad for coming up with this fun plan.  "The Lake" hasn't seen the last of us - that's for sure!


  1. I *love* their dresses in that last photo! And that photo collage is wall worthy, so cute!

  2. Everyone in Minnesota talks about going "up to the lake" or "up to the cabin" every weekend in the summer. I too never know which lake they're talking about since we are the Land of 10,000 Lakes! I'm not a lake/cabin person--I don't know how to swim, I hate riding in boats, and I do NOT fish--so I don't get the culture at all. But I do like the fact that some things are not as crowded since tons of people are gone each weekend!

  3. Here in Michigan we go "up north" which can mean anything from an hour west or 6 hours actually north!

  4. Photo dump on us any time...these are delightful, and I'm so glad you had your getaway weekend! I think my favorite photos are any of the sand photos; great colors, good composition, and the very joy that comes through in the girls' faces. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like a great time at the lake!

  6. What a great guy for planning your little vacation. Looks like it was wonderful!

  7. The girls are getting so tall. I don't know why I'm surprised to see them grow.

    I love their coordinated outfits.