Monday, June 24, 2013

Trot of Terror: The Girls' First Pony Ride

We recently attended a local family festival where the girls had the opportunity to experience some "firsts":
First Face Painting
Although some were more amused by this than others...
First encounter with a real, live chicken:
Considering her long-standing passion for poultry, Josie was egg-specially enthused:

But chickens weren't the only animal that the girls got to have up-close-and-personal contact with; there were baby calves, sheep, alpaca, and horses. 
I questioned whether my girls were too young for their first pony ride but Travis shrugged off my neurotic concerns and got in line. 
"Even Merryn?  She's just a baby." 
Travis proceeded to remind me that this little bundle of joy whom I am so protective, is the same fearless tot who will scale any piece of furniture, do a Dukes-of-Hazzard-style jump into her Fisher Price car through the window, dive down the tallest slide head first, and hop on the "big kid" swing and request an underdog. 
Ok, ok.  If anyone can handle it, Merryn can.

...Or maybe not.
Suddenly, when faced with a half a dozen of docile ponies tethered to a carousel, trotting at about 0.000010 MPH, our courageous child turned into one terrified tot.
Josie, on the other hand, proved to be quite the equestrian.

But regardless of how many times the staff reminded her that she was riding a female horse named "Annie," Josie insisted on calling her "Mr. Ed".

Josie confidently completed her first pony ride as though she'd done it a hundred times.  As for Merryn?  Well, she's going to need to log a few more hours on the rocking horse Mama Hop bought before she reaches Josie's mustang mastery.

All things considered, the "family festival of firsts" was a success and we had a wonderful time...well, most of us did.



  1. Awesome....Surpise that Ms. Merryn was not amused about the pony ride...The bubble comment hilarious!!

  2. So hilarious! Merryn's look in the mirror at the face painting; your 'bubble' commentary... I'm kinda surprised Merryn didn't OWN that horse! Oh well, maybe next time. Josie was a natural!

  3. So hilarious! Merryn's look in the mirror, your 'bubble' commentary... I'm kinda surprised Merryn didn't OWN that horse! Oh well, maybe next time. Josie though, wow! She was a natural!

  4. Hilarious!! Annie/Mr. Ed captions were cracking me up!

  5. That last photo is so incredible of them :)