Thursday, July 4, 2013

A 4th of July Tradition

As with every Independence Day in the past, the kids got dressed in their most patriotic attire and we set out to capture the perfect Kodak moment.  It's kind of a holiday tradition around here.  However, today it became apparent that kids have a little 4th of July tradition of their own: make the photo shoot as difficult and fruitless as possible. 
I started to get suspicious when Merryn busted out her best Gary Coleman impersonation...
 No matter what I did, I could not get both of them to look at me and smile.
  I sang songs...
 ...played musical instruments...
 ...I even tried to bribe them with Teddy Grahams!
 Here's the money shot:
And as for Mom's goal of complete cooperation and simultaneous smiles?  Ha!  Until next year...


  1. Super cute! Looks exactly like the photo shoot here, poor Aidan endured while I tried to capture one pic of all three of them but, the girls won! I surrender!

  2. Merryn looks soooo big compared to the previous photo shoots!! Looking forward to next year's ;)

  3. Dying! I love your captions!!

  4. your captions are the best