Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This One Goes Out to Pudge & Biggs

Pudge and Biggie have gone missing from the blogosphere and the void is painful.  However, after consulting with Ms. Courtney Heigele herself (the mastermind behind the best blog on the Internet), I am pleased to announce that this sabbatical is only temporary.  After she resolves a few copyright infringement issues, Pudge and Biggs (and that adorable little Effie) will be back in full effect!  So all of you protesters can unchain yourselves from our front porch and take your picket signs and head back home to cope with your Squib withdrawal as best you can knowing that it won't last long (Pudge recommends you eat two handfuls of Cheetos and a monster cookie to help get you through).  In the meantime we have been instructed to "carry the torch," as if that's possible...
 Remember when I only had one baby and her name was Josie and I took pictures of her and posted them to the blog almost every day? 
Easy Breezy
That was pretty easy to do back when baby #1 sat on her behind and danced and admired her reflection in the mirror all day.  And then in the funny way that this universe works, baby #2 came along and baby #1 was miraculously mobile and suddenly, it wasn't as easy to find the time to take photos and write blog posts.

Sisterly love
Well, I still take photos every day.  It's kind of a hobby.  Some might consider it an addiction.
Artistic Expression 
Perhaps my obsession with photography is because it will make sure and preserve these moments despite my well-documented memory failure.
It's all fun and games until someone starts eating crayons... 
Daily photography is important to me because it's the compilation of little moments woven together that form the fabric of our lives (now I sound like a Cotton commercial).
Dad returned from his week-long business trip to Canada
And also because my kids are so darn cute!
We broke out the baby pool and celebrated the beautiful summer weather
Point being that this is kind of a sorry excuse for a blog post because there is no story, no witty captions, no controversial issues addressed...
Josie celebrated her newest skill: blowing bubbles
...but there are photos!  


  1. I was getting ready to try to friend Courtney on FB because I was missing Pudge and Biggs! I love Courtney's blog. She doesn't know how much seeing her two helped me when Hailey was a baby. Love seeing pics of Josie and Merryn! Thanks for the update :-)

    1. I agree with you - Courtney's blog is awesome and she better get it back up soon or I will start a petition and you can be the first signature! :-)

  2. welcome to the club. my blog took quite the nose-dive once Charlie came around!

  3. Awesome job blowing bubbles Jo Jo! I have sunk to the depths of not evening taking many pictures lately. Never claimed to be a blogger, but wow mommy failure! Thanks for giving me incentive to get back to it.

  4. I'm taking pics of my girls every day, too (though they don't make it to my blog nearly as much). Every once in a while, I'll sit and go through pics of them all the way to the birth of my last one (when I started the daily pics). It is fascinating to me how fast they grow and makes me really wish I had a camera when my first was born.

  5. We miss Pudge, Biggs and Effie something TERRIBLE!!! I was glad to hear they're coming back soon!
    As far as photos... I don't blog but I take photos of my son every day! Instead of storing them on a blog I print them. My son is only 3 and a half and he already has 5 photo albums of 300 pictures each! Yeah I know, I might need an intervention! lol!

  6. I'm so happy to hear that Pudge and Biggs will be back soon!! This blog and theirs are my favorites to read because of the adorable kids!

  7. Love all the photos! The kids are so cute!!

  8. I was looking through my favourite blogs & when I tried Pudge & Biggs it said it had gone private. To try & calm the panic at the thought of not seeing those gorgeous little faces again I decided some Aunt Leanne might help so I popped over for a quick look & found your well as your gorgeous girls. Thanks for sharing the news about Coutney's blog. I look forward to it being back in action. I must admit I was slightly stressed at the thought of you moving so far away from Leanne. I would be so sad to miss out on updates from her.

  9. Thank you so much for the update on Courtney's blog. My daughter and I read her blog as well as yours, and really feel as though we know you. When something happens unexpectedly, we always worry that some evil troll convinced you to leave the blogosphere! We are having some hard times here..I have stage 4 breast cancer, and because there are times when I cannot be so active..laying on the bed with my daughter and reading, laughing, and loving all the adorable pictures of your kids is something that we look forward to. So thank you for blogging and letting us have a peek into your life!
    When you mentioned all the pics that you take, it reminded me of all the pics that my father took of my siblings and I, and since many of them are on slides, I bought one of those converters to try and store them on my computer. I think it is so important to save them for my kids to see and then be able to share them with their children as well. I remember being so annoyed that my Dad took so many pictures when I was younger, but I sure do appreciate his efforts now! He always used to say that taking pictures of nature was so much easier than trying to get the 3 of us to look at the camera at the same time. He became an expert at candid shots and got some fabulous shots of my kids before he passed away. We have had several of his shots painted by artists and I love having those reminders of him around the house. So keep on taking pictures! The kids will appreciate it someday! :)

  10. EN, It's not just these delicious, delightful children of yours and Courtney's that have me checking in every day. It is y'all's (is that a word?) writing skills and wicked senses of humor, too. Although picture/video posts work too.

  11. Your girls Re so cute!!!! I must confess that I read your blog because of the pudge and bigs update you posted. But once I saw those adorable kids of yours, I was hooked! Xoxo lisa