Sunday, July 28, 2013

Even Aunt Leanne Has Her Limits

While this blog generally addresses topics related to Down syndrome and our two family members who have it, Instagram followers are well aware that there's a whole world of entertainment brought to us by one of our chromosomally deprived family members - it is filed under the hashtag #HurricaneMerryn
Merryn is Josie's almost 2 year-old little sister.  She is a charming, beautiful, fun-loving, and impressively intelligent child who brings immeasurable joy to our world.  So why do we call her "Hurricane Merryn"?   Because she is a storm surge of mischief waiting to strike.  You know she's coming but you're not sure exactly when or where she'll hit and you can always count on a FEMA worthy wake of destruction.  Some of Hurricane Merryn's favorite pastimes include:
* Making a mess
* Removing vent covers and leaving them strewn throughout the house
* Shoving toys and other small objects down the vents
* Making a mess
* Opening drawers and removing the contents
* Breaking things
* Taking her clothes off and streaking through the house squealing "Naked baby!"
* Making a mess
* Climbing on furniture
* Scaling playground equipment intended for kids four times her age causing Mom to accumulate gray hairs as she looks on
* Yanking Josie's glasses off of her face, popping out the lenses, and playing innocent while we frantically search for the tiny, transparent pieces of plastic amidst the debris of toys and vent covers
Did I mention that she enjoys making a mess?
While the ornery gleam in those big blue eyes is a source of endless amusement for her grandmas, is not always appreciated by this frazzled mom whose pursuit of a calm and tidy home is challenged daily by this dimpled dollface. 
Even Aunt Leanne, who is at her absolute happiest when she is doting on her precious nieces, has her limits:

Apparently she answers to "Thelma" now...???

If it weren't for Instagram's 15 second video clip limit, you would have seen that exact same sequence of events happen about five times in a row before I finally stepped in and helped redirect the little cyclone for the sake of my big sister's sanity.  Ah, yes.  Welcome to my world, Leanne.  Just try to fold a load of laundry or unload a dishwasher with "Thelma" in tow!

Oh but who can resist that face?  Or her "easy breezy" tribute to Aunt Leanne when she poses for a picture?

She gives us a run for our money but I think we'll keep her - right, Leanne?


  1. She's a little stinker. But that face is absolutely adorable!!

  2. If you inserted Charlie in those pictures, you'd be at our house. my husband had to screw down the vent covers in to the floor. the one in the kitchen had to be duct taped. In-Sane.

  3. She is an adorable little imp! Does it seem to bother Josie that Merryn is so fast with walking and climbing?

  4. Remove Merryn and insert Everleigh and you'd have the exact same scenario...except that Everleigh is an only over here. Vent covers, tormenting the dogs, pulling all the clothes out of the hamper...etc etc etc. It's a darn good thing they're damn adorable!!!

  5. Thelma?

    That was a funny video.

  6. At least Aunt Leanne was calm in her redirection of Thelma, which is more than I can say about myself sometimes!!!

  7. Love it..... Thelma? Still chuckling!!!