Sunday, September 29, 2013

Settling In

We are really enjoying having Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne here for an extended (but not nearly long enough visit).  It has been so fun, exciting, helpful, natural, delicious, and joyous having them around.  Did I mention that we're loving it?! 
 Aunt Leanne is quite pleased with her new bedroom at the condo.  Girlfriend has her own daybed, desk, and flat screen TV, complete with the Disney Channel!  Nothing but the best for the original Diva!  
The girls are making themselves right at home at the condo.  They've got plenty of toys to keep them busy, not to mention the outpouring of attention from their oh-so-entertaining, retired elementary school teacher/grandma, Mama Hop and doting Super Aunt Extraordinaire, Leanne.
 Doesn't Mama Hop look natural in that kitchen?  Couldn't you just see her hosting her own show on The Food Network from right there in that spot?  She truly is a gifted cook - she can make ANYTHING without a recipe.  Seriously.  She's just got a natural inclination and a culinary instinct that would put Wolfgang Puck to shame. 
 If you need proof, here it is.  Josephine Leanne eagerly inhaling a bowl of "Mama Hop's Soup" - chicken, rice, zucchini, carrots and all - without so much as a verbal prompt.  If you knew what sort of hoops we usually have to jump through to get this kid to eat, not to mention the hours upon hours of feeding therapy with SLP's, OT's, and behavioral psychologists weighing in on every nuance of her refusals...Ugh!  It's truly incredible.  That's how GOOD Mama Hop is. 
Hurricane Merryn (aka "Thelma") may be even happier than the rest of us put together with the new arrangement.  During the last week, instead of getting dragged to Josie's medical appointments and having to sit through boring therapy sessions, she's been able to spend extra one-on-one time with Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne, soaking up all of the fun, attention, and delicious cuisine.  Meanwhile, Mom has been able to get even more done around the house!  So on behalf of Merryn, we're begging, "Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne, please stay!" 
Yes, this visit will be a shorter one.  But come Thanksgiving they will be here longer.  And come Winter, well, we're working on an even longer stay.  Feel free to leave comments and help us petition Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne to grace us with their presence more often.  It's absolutely wonderful having them around.
Did I mention that we're loving it?!
P.S.  A formal photo tour of the condo is coming for those who have been requesting it.  Stay tuned!   


  1. Amazing room Leanne! It's always great to have family visit and I'm willing to whine, beg and plead with them to stay longer! :)

  2. So happy for aLL of you!


  3. Dear Momma Hop and Aunt Leanne,
    Please think about moving there. We the viewers beg you. Think of the children... they need to eat.
    Think of us... we get more smiles and laughter.
    Thank you.