Friday, September 27, 2013

They're back!

Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne are back for a much anticipated visit and we're so happy to have them here. 
 The condo is finished (hallelujah!) and they're getting settled. 
 Mama Hop jumped right in and started doing her "grandma" thing. 
 And Aunt Leanne picked up right where she left off doing her "Aunt" thing.
And if you're an Aunt Leanne fan (who isn't?!), stay tuned because we already have some pretty fantastic video clips we'd like to share, and we will continue to attempt to capture even more of Aunt Leanne's charisma, humor, and wisdom on film.  


  1. YAY glad they are back. I know you are thrilled to have them close. How long are they staying?

  2. Hip Hip Hooray!! Have lots and lots of fun and make lota and lots of video.!

  3. Absolutely can't wait. I wish Aunt Leanne was MY aunt. I could use a good hug more often and live too far away from my 22-year-old DS niece. Sad having to wait until Christmas for a good hug like that!

  4. Looking forward to more updates with Leanne, Mama Hop, Josie, and "Thelma."