Friday, October 18, 2013

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

We're more than halfway through October and we've failed to acknowledge Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!  Last year in October, CCE did a much better job with awareness and advocacy efforts.   Click on the links provided below if you're interested in topics like:
Editor's Note: I'm not sure where this Michael Jackson pose came from but after a stroll down Memory Lane, I suspect it's embedded in the extra chromosome.  Presenting Halloween 2009:
Eeeeek!!!!  Could you just die?!  Aunt Leanne is a genuine fan.
But I digress...back to Down Syndrome Awareness Month and my slacking in the blogging department.  Bear with us because we've got some fun posts planned including Before & After photos of the condo, Buddy Walk details, and, by popular demand, an in-depth post about Josie's speech.  I may also throw in a post about the dreaded first IEP process - that is, if I am not too traumatized.  See you soon!