Saturday, October 12, 2013

Potty Training Game Changer

The World's Best Dad has a well-documented history of impressive creations designed to promote safety, gross motor activity, and fun, including the:
...and who could forget the best creation of all:
Well, Travis has done it again with a potty training game changer.  Introducing the potty ramp:
Some readers may recall how we had the home builder install a small toilet in the girls' bathroom to accommodate Josie's gross motor delays.  However, even the pint-sized potty was a little too high for Josie to reach.  So after experimenting with various steps, it became apparent that, well, Josie doesn't like steps and they just don't offer her ample room to turn around and sit on the potty.  That's when Travis came up with this genius design that allowed Josie to avoid the dreaded step entirely.
 As with any activity beyond walking on a perfectly smooth, flat surface, Josie requires two-handed assistance to ascend and descend the ramp.  But that's just fine because at least there is NO LIFTING to get her on and off the toilet.  My back is singing an emphatic "Hallelujah"! 
 It is our hope that with more time and practice, Josie will ascend and descend the ramp without assistance, like her sister does.  And eventually, she'll be tall enough to use the toilet without a ramp.  But for now, this ramp is a helpful tool to use along our journey of toileting independence. 
Regarding the potty training itself, I am reluctant to distribute advice on that front as I have no clue what I am doing.  Josie has been sitting on the potty after meals for about a year now and most days, she remains dry.  She almost always goes #2 on the potty but she has occasional accidents (usually because I didn't give her enough time on the potty).  She still wears a "big girl Pull Up," as I am mess averse and I hesitate to make the big jump to panties until I know she's very reliable.  Josie rarely tells me she has to potty unless she's trying to get out of another activity, such as eating.  All in all, I realize I am "mommy trained" more than she is potty trained, but at least she is getting the idea without the pressure of a given time frame and deadline.
Both girls enjoy potty time because we read books, sing songs, and get stickers for our adorable custom potty charts, made by none other than the super creative Mama Hop.  And with the addition of this new potty ramp, potty training is even easier.  Big kudos go to Travis for his latest innovation - we are such lucky ladies to have him in our lives!
P.S. In case you are wondering, those funny looking elf shoes Josie is wearing are her "Skidder Shoes" over her Sure Steps.  They're lightweight and much less clunky than her tennis shoes so she wears them around the house.


  1. I showed this post to my husband while saying "step it up", and he said somewhat quietly "I made you pizza tonight". Travis, keep setting the bar high!

  2. we may have to steel this idea because Rachel hates the little step stools too.

  3. Now this is awesome! Such a great idea and I'll bet it is going to be super helpful. I wish I had something like this at my house--I know my back would thank me so much. :)

  4. Now this is just awesome! Such a great idea and super helpful to everyone. I wish we had something like this at our house--I know my back would thank me. :)

  5. Brilliant. I think I'll share with my own husband, who will be impressed!

  6. That is brilliant! I think he should probably apply for a patent!

  7. Great idea! I didn't realize Josie didn't like steps, this ramp is the perfect solution! (FYI - Beth wasn't completely potty trained 'til she was 7. Ugh.)

  8. Travis is a great dad.