Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cheap and Convenient Therapy

I've always asked my parents how they graduated college without the internet.  

You went to the what - the library?!  *Gasp!*  That sounds awful!  

Likewise, I've asked mothers of grown children how they parented without Google.  Seriously, what did you do when there was an odd health symptom, a developmental milestone inquiry, or a behavioral issue that you had a question about?  

You asked your mom/grandma/neighbors/friends?  Wow!

It's amazing how times have changed and how easy it is for us to become dependent upon the technology that didn't even exist a couple of decades ago.  Take for example, Instagram: you can take a picture with your cell phone, upload it to Instagram, add a cute caption, and share it with hundreds of "followers" within seconds.  This is a little collage of snapshots from my week:
Every picture tells a story - a story of a week I'd like to like to forget much of.  It was a tough week of solo parenting for me, as Travis was on an international business trip.  Josie, still reeling from a disrupted schedule of holiday excitement followed by the sudden absence of her father, decided to protest by refusing to eat, refusing to stay in bed, and completely disregarding every other request I had of her.  Her little sister and number one wing-woman, followed suit.  This week also marked the anniversary of my father's passing which is always a difficult time when you've lost a loved one.  It's almost like the kids can tell that I'm pregnant, hormonal, emotional, exhausted, alone, and completely vulnerable and they exploit that to the fullest extent of my sanity.  

Ah, but then I read a few  blog posts from fellow mothers and I immediately feel less alone.  The blogosphere provides a community where frazzled moms can come together and commiserate - a cheap and convenient form of therapy indeed.

You know what else is cool about technology?  We live 800 miles from everything and everyone we've ever known and yet by using FaceTime, this nifty little app on the iPhone, we can have real time, "face-to-face" conversations with friends and family like  we do with Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne.  It also comes in really handy in allowing the girls to keep in touch with their dad while he's traveling.
As I look at those faces of the people I love, suddenly I start to smile.  I am so grateful that technology can bring us together in spite of our geographical distance.

I am also grateful for this blogosphere community where we can share anecdotes, camaraderie, and support with friends across the globe.  

I didn't make a New Years resolution but I'm thinking I should resolve to blog more.  It's not that I don't have reflections and stories to share.  In fact, I write elaborate and compelling blog posts in my head while I'm driving.  Then I arrive home and my reality of feeding, potty-training, laundry, preschool, therapy, dishes, etc. etc. etc. hits and blogging falls about 50 spots on the priority list.  And then 8pm rolls around and my children are soundly sleeping and the it takes every last fragment of energy I have to load the remaining dishes into the dishwasher, fold the last load of laundry, and crawl into bed.  I know all you moms (especially the pregnant ones) hear me.  Can I get an Amen?  

So in the meantime, you can confirm that we're still alive and kicking by checking Instagram (follow us @CatfishWithKetchup).  For those without Instagram, you can still see the pictures we're sharing by coming to the blog and clicking on the Instagram feed by scrolling down in the column on the right.  

Did you catch that, Mom?  Ok, never mind.  We'll FaceTime you later :-) 

* This post has been brought to you by pregnancy insomnia.  Exhaustion that drives you to tears followed by an inability to sleep;  just one of the many joys of facilitating the miracle of life.


  1. LOVE your honesty & genuineness, Mama!

    My babies are now 29, 26 & 22 I would give anything to have a day when they were babies!!!
    I KNOW it's tough, the days go by slow, but the years fly by....

    ps AMEN to the tiredness!

  2. Cathy said it perfectly, "the days go by slowly but the years fly by." I STILL remember a time when I was up at 5 AM to receive two neighbor girls before getting all 5 up, dressed, fed and off to school before 8. I remember preparing the neighbor girls beds and thinking, "How much longer will I be in this phase in my life?!?" Now my girls are 23, 27 & 29. The years really do fly by.

  3. Cathy said it perfectly, "The days go by slowly but the years fly by. There was a time when I babysat two neighbor girls and they arrived at 5 AM. I was preparing their beds one morning (they slept for about an hour before I got all 5 girls up, fed, dressed and off to school) and vividly remember thinking, "How much longer will I be in this phase of my life?!??" Now my girls are 23, 27 & 29. The years really do fly by. Hang in there.

  4. I have 4 kids now, ages 4-1/2 (boy, terror, love of my life, lol), 6-1/2, 9, and 10 (all girls). At this point, I give. I think they are the rulers and I just live here. Just not enough hours in the day to accomplish it all!!! Lol I love all your photos, but esp the ones of the kids being boogers and fighting or crying. Makes me feel so normal! haha I agree with you on Google. I just don't know how Adam and Eve did it without Google!! LOL