Monday, January 13, 2014

Come Stroll Down Memory Lane

Last week, on the anniversary of my father's passing, I mustered up my nerve to open up several boxes of photos and family mementos that had been sent to me from his estate. These boxes sat sealed in a closet for months.  I was waiting for the perfect time to open them.  You know, that day when you wake up with a strong urge to go back to a dark place of mourning and depression and cry your eyes out.  Oddly enough, that day never came.  So I forced myself to tackle this little project on the anniversary of his death.

And to my shock and amazement, there was nothing sad about it.  In fact, it was a good time!  And I now have TONS of fun photos from the past to share on the blog when I reminiscence about growing up (that is if our scanner would become a little more cooperative than it was tonight).  Does this face look familiar?
 No, contrary to popular belief, that's not Merryn. It's yours truly on my grandparents' patio.  I remember the green AstroTurf patio flooring like it was yesterday.

Here I am again:
 Leanne and I were born in Florida and I learned that my mom must have abhorred laundry as much as I do.  Either that or she just loved naked babies.  Because we were frequently without clothes.  I'm thinking about moving to Florida and opening up my own little family nudist colony to reduce my laundry stress.  On second thought, I better not - Gymboree might fold.

I know you guys recognize this face:
 No, it's not Josie.  That's good old Aunt Leanne!  

Don't you just want to pick her up and squeeze her?  Cute doesn't even begin to describe her!
 And here we are together.  My mom told me that she made that Humpty Dumpty doll that I'm holding.  Apparently I was obsessed with Humpty Dumpty and she couldn't find one in the stores so she decided to make one.  How sweet and maternal and domestic is that?!  My kids would be lucky if I printed off a photo from the Internet for them to color! 
Ok, ok...we must end our stroll down memory lane here for now.  You would understand if you knew how long it took me to scan these five photos.  But I assure you even better ones will appear in the future!  Mom, you know what I'm talking about - blackmail!  Hahahahaha!  (Sorry folks - that was  a little inside joke just to keep Mama Hop on her toes!)  Special thanks to my Dad for being the pack rat that he was because these photos are the most cherished things he left me.


  1. My WORD. Merryn is your twin. That. Is. Scary. Both of you were adorable. I hear ya on the printing a coloring sheet bit. Haha

  2. So sweet! Love the pictures so much... the ones of Leanne with her pigtails make me smile big time.

  3. Great pictures. Merryn looks just like you. I love the one with you and Leanne together too.

  4. adorable!
    enjoy the memories -


  5. Merryn does look just like you! Aren't old photos just the best?!

  6. Old photos are so fun, I've been going through my mom's and have had some real laughs and memories! Merryn does look just like you!!!

  7. Wow Merryn looks exactly like you! These pictures are great and I'm glad to see someone of your generation now knows how hard it can be to post photos! ALL the photos of my girls growing up have to be scanned... you kids now-a-days have it so good! (Said with the tone of an old, shaky voice.) :)