Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Babymoon in Scottsdale

A few weeks ago, I had this crazy idea to plan a "babymoon". 
noun: baby-moon
  1. 1.
    a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.
    "on the eve of my third trimester, we boarded a plane for a week-long babymoon among the quiet canals of Amsterdam"
Winter was still alive and well here in the Tundra and I looked up at Travis and said "Wouldn't it be nice to be someplace warm?"  and he took that ball and ran with it!  After narrowing down our criteria to "direct flights to warm climates within the confines of Travis' hectic business travel schedule," we settled on Arizona in April.  We'd never been to Arizona and we'd heard wonderful things about Scottsdale. 
 Because the resort was so lovely (like 'we will definitely be back!' lovely), I will go ahead and give them a free plug and tell you that we stayed at The Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale.  I must take a moment to commend my hubby because he knew how badly I wanted to stay there but it was sold out.  We were booked to stay at another resort and little did I know, Travis kept checking The Westin's website for availability.  Two days before we left, a villa opened up and he snagged it!
 There are lots of incredible resorts in Scottsdale but one thing sets The Westin Kierland apart: Sand!  Josie loves sand!  It's not an exaggeration to say that you could plop her down in a nice shady spot in the sand with a bucket and a shovel and girlfriend would still be delightfully scooping and dumping sand 8 hours later.
 And then there's Mother Hen who enjoyed taking her waterproof baby doll for a dip in the pool and in the lazy river.  She's never without at least one baby doll, and our Arizona vacation was no exception!
 Scottsdale has so many terrific shopping and dining options.
 Because we were fortunate enough to have YaYa and Papa meet us in Arizona, Travis and I were even able to enjoy some shopping and dining without our children in tow.  And friends, let me tell you, when you have two toddlers, going to the bathroom alone is a luxury.  Shopping and dining alone is pure bliss!
In the previous post, we told you about Merryn's terrifying encounter with the mall Easter Bunny.  Well, we just happened to be in Scottsdale over Easter and we just happened to have a brunch reservation where the Easter Bunny also happened to be enjoying his Easter brunch.  Strange coincidence, right?  Fortunately, we were able to warn Merryn in advance because that Easter Bunny snuck up on Merryn while she was calmly having an Easter Bunny painted on her left arm.  Folks, if you look up "stink eye" in the dictionary, you'll see this glare on Merryn's face...
...but Josie experienced no such hostility.  In fact, Josie warmly embraced the Easter Bunny like she was greeting an old friend...
 ...while Merryn looked on with venomous disdain!
 Oh but everyone has a price - even Merryn.  After being incentivized with a couple of plastic eggs filled with candy, Merryn reluctantly agreed to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap and give Mom the photo op she so desperately wanted.  Although instead of a cheesy grin, all Merryn offered up was - you guessed it - more stink eye:
* Special thanks to Mama Hop for sending these adorable matching Easter dresses for the girls!
Overall if you're seeking a vacation spot with lots of warmth and minimal humidity and plenty of dining and shopping options and beautiful resorts, I would definitely recommend Scottsdale, Arizona.
 And as for the components of the vacation that I would not recommend...
1.  A 3 hour flight with two toddlers
2.  Changing a number 2 diaper in an airplane lavatory.  Period.  That's not fun.  Take it from me: I've done it twice in my life.  Where is my souvenir tee shirt?!?!
3.  Changing a number 2 diaper in an airplane lavatory during a bout of turbulence that prompts the captain to turn on the "fasten seat belt" sign while said diaper changer is being knocked from wall to wall while trying to contain the nasty fecal situation.
4.  Doing the aforementioned things while 34 weeks pregnant.
5.  Doing the aforementioned things sober.
6.  Doing the aforementioned things while under the influence of extreme pregnancy hormones. 
7.  Confronting an unfamiliar 34 week pregnant and excessively hormonal woman who has just survived a 3 hour flight with 2 toddlers in the airport and asking her if she is expecting twins...and then following up her decline with an "Are you sure?!"  Oh.  No.  You.  Didn't. 
Thank you for your hospitality, Scottsdale.  We look forward to returning when my uterus is vacant, my children are 100% potty trained and able to entertain themselves during a 3 hour flight, and I am able to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic libation by the pool!


  1. the kierland is awesome. I was there for a conference a few weeks ago and aside from everyone thinking I was my dads wife it was brilliant.

  2. Looks like you all had lots of fun! And how rude of that person in the airport!! I think I might have asked them "do you know how rude you are being?"!!

  3. I feel sorry for you airplane delima but love your writting style. Cracked me up! Of course I'm laughing with you, not at you. Love your blog, as a mother of a 16 month old boy....you give me a glipse into life with two. I've put the kibosh on having a second for at least a couple more years for my sanity. :-)

  4. Congrats on getting the trip in before your family of "5" arrives!!
    Looks like a beautiful place - flowers, pool, sand, etc. I do prefer the "Minnie Pearl" Easter Bunny, tho! :-)
    Cannot believe that in the year 2014, there is not a "baby changing area" available on our airplanes!! (Did you ask if there was one in first class??) Why, a circus acrobat wouldn't have been able to do what you did!! Wonder if the pilot had the surveillance camera on and you will be on Funniest Home Videos! :-)

  5. Next time come to Prescott Az!!! I would love to meet you and family:)

  6. You are hilarious! So glad y'all had a good time. Good luck with delivery. I can't wait to see this new little princess.

  7. hahaha... you are too funny! The longest I've been on a plane with my ONE toddler is 3 and a half hours... and is NOT FUN! I can't imagine TWO toddlers and 34 weeks pregnant!
    What a lovely little vacation! That place looks gorgeous! I'm sure the goods memories overcome the bad ones ;)