Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

What's wrong with this picture?  The Easter Bunny's lap is only 50% full.  The obvious vacancy answers to the name "Merryn" and Miss Merryn had a reaction to the Easter Bunny that was so aversive you would have thought it was Freddy Krueger in those denim overalls sitting on that bench.  So while Josie was happily schmoozing with her new furry white friend, Merryn was hiding behind the stroller, wailing and yelling "No!  No, I will NOT take a picture!  No!!!!"
As we head to Easter Brunch this morning, I've warned Merryn that there's a decent chance she'll encounter the Easter Bunny again.  And said bunny has been known to distribute chocolate so it may be in her best interest to be a little friendlier.  We've even been practicing her Easter Bunny smile.  Imagine the most artificial, frozen smile through clenched, terrified teeth.  If all goes accordingly, the second picture should be one for the baby book.
Happy Easter!


  1. That is one giant-looking bunny! If he was a chocolate bunny, I'd consider that a blessing from above. However, he is not chocolate, so I have to agree with Merryn on this one. He's a bit intimidating! LOL

  2. Mall Easter bunnies are a little creepy... even to me, and I LOVE animals and holidays and holidays with animals! At least Santa Claus has a face that is real, but the Easter Bunny is like a huge, expressionless mask.

  3. Josie looks content and so comfortable in Bunny's lap! Good job Josie!