Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Monday!

Well Folks, if this was our last weekend as a family of four, it was a good one.  I busted out the "real" camera not once, but twice over the weekend.  This used to be a daily occurrence, but it has become less and less frequent as life becomes more and more busy.  And while there were no major occasions to document, we captured the beauty of our hum drum, day-to-day existence and sometimes that's just as important.  Take, for example, our Saturday park date with dear friends...
 "Dear friends" doesn't do it justice.  These two cuties pictured above are the next Monica & David - mark my words!  (If you haven't seen that documentary, see it NOW on Netflix!).  These two are drawn together like magnets and joyful giggles emanate as they shower each other with affection.  Josie says "he's a catch!" and folks, he truly is.
 While Josie and her boyfriend holed up in a hug fest by the picnic tables, Merryn enjoyed having a couple of adorable companions who delight in the thrill of the park's gross motor challenges a little more than her sister does.
 We all treasure this sweet family!
 Yesterday, we decided to enjoy the spring temperatures with an impromptu trip to "the lake."  It was our last road trip as a family of four and we figured there's no better way to jinx a lady into going into labor than driving an hour outside of civilization, right?  Alas, that theory didn't work any better than my recent trip to the liquor store.  I really thought being somewhere as taboo as a liquor store would do the trick because there's no classier birth story than "Well, I was standing in the vodka aisle when my water broke..."  No such luck!  But Travis completed his beer run and I took advantage of the wine sale so we are ready to toast to the little one's arrival when the day finally rolls around.  But I digress...
 We stopped and had pizza at our favorite lakeside restaurant (well, 3/5 of us had pizza while the other 2/5 of us enjoyed a super bland salad, but who's complaining?).  These two had nothing to complain about. 
 Look at those smiles!
 After lunch we visited our favorite lakeside park where the girls enjoyed some fresh air and exercise...
 Perhaps "enjoyed" is a misrepresentation of Josie's sentiments while on the teeter totter.  Usually enjoyment is not accompanied by excessive whining and yelling "No please no!!!!"
 Oh look - there - that's more like it!  It's nothing but smiles when Josie finds herself in a baby swing.
 Speaking of fun (insert sarcasm here), anyone who has ever potty trained a toddler knows just how much fun it is to stop what you're doing and frantically rush around in search of the nearest restroom because your toddler is adamantly declaring she has to poop only to set her on the potty and have her look up at you with big blue eyes and declare "I don't have to go potty anymore."  What?!? 
So we took advantage of the opportunity to have an impromptu selfie photo shoot in the bathroom mirror.  This is nothing more than me pandering to my mother who always complains that my photo is never featured on the blog.  That's just the consequence of being the family photographer!  Goodness knows Travis cannot possibly take over these duties unless we want all future photos to be rushed, blurry, off-centered, featuring Travis' finger in the corner of each image and accompanied by a lot of eye rolling, exasperated sighs, and "There!  I took the picture.  Can we go now?"
 And then we would never have images like this one...
Everybody say it with me now, "Awwwwwww!!!!"
Happy Monday!


  1. Love these pictures, and how sweet that your girls have such nice friends, too! Best wishes for a healthy delivery of your new little one...oh, and I have to say, you are the prettiest pregnant woman! "Glowing" doesn't do you justice. :)

  2. I keep checking your blog for Baby #3.

  3. Glad you had a great weekend. You look fabulous!
    Glad I am not the only one who has slowed on the photo poor kids thought I forgot how to take pics!

  4. Awwwwww!

    BTW re potty training: An extra potty seat in the back of the car can be a lifesaver. In a pinch I've even put toddlers on the potty IN the car. Line the "bucket" with a gallon size ziploc and you can just dispose of it at your convenience.