Sunday, August 31, 2014

Josie's Social Story

As previously mentioned, Travis has a job that has allowed us the opportunity to live all over the country.  We always saw it as a fun adventure - finding a new dwelling, exploring a new city, and making new friends.  However, now that we're parents, moving is a bit more complicated.  It's not just about a new house to decorate or new restaurants to dine in; it's about finding new physicians, therapists, childcare, playgroups, and preschools. 
Then there's the concern over the adjustment and how moving will emotionally impact the kids.  This weighed heavily on my mind especially with Josie, as her cognition is more limited than Merryn's an I'm not sure exactly how much she understands. 
Her speech therapist recommended I draft a social story.  The goal of a Social Story  is to share accurate social information in a patient and reassuring manner that is easily understood by it's audience.  Josie loves books so it seemed like a great approach!  I got out my laptop and typed up a simple booklet, printed the pages, stapled them together, and read it to the girls.  

So far, the adjustment has been going well.  I'm not sure how much the Social Story has to do with Josie's comfort level, but it can't hurt.  More on our big move coming soon!  



  1. Best wishes for a safe move... wish you were moving to Oregon!
    You will remain in our thoughts and prayers... love your social story, and I hope it helps Josie : )
    So glad you will be closer to your mom and sister!
    Gretchen Gear

  2. I think this is going to be a tremendous help. You might not notice it because you've removed the fear and anxiety Josie might have had. We visited NY one year but didn't explain the idea of 'vacation' to Beth (didn't know I was supposed to!) and she was a pain in the butt. At one point she just sat down on the sidewalk, middle of NY and she's just sitting there, arms folded, angry, but not talking to us! We got her moving again and it was a day or so later she tells us, "I'm gonna miss our old house." She thought we had moved there and this was our life now! It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how scary that must have been for her! We all laughed and cried as we explained the situation to her. From that point on, she had a great time! I think your book is a fantastic idea!