Friday, August 8, 2014

Another BIG Announcement

Hello Strangers!  Long time, no blog posts.  I know, I know.  But I have a good explanation as to why you haven't heard much from us this summer.  You see, it all started when we had a third baby.  Everyone was THRILLED by Baby Lydia's arrival - especially her sisters:
 Another classic photo shoot brought to you by my super cooperative children.  Yes, I went to the trouble of selecting coordinating outfits and arranging to have the girls come visit me in the hospital so that we could have the hospital photographer take our first "Family of Five" photo, only to end up with this gem.  Sensational!
But I digress...Lydia came via C Section which meant the journey to recovery was quite lengthy.  It's a good thing Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne came up to the tundra and spent 5 weeks caring for the older girls so I could get back on my feet.
 After that, YaYa and Papa visited and we had a great time...except for the day that Papa flew in and we were supposed to get him from the airport but we never showed up.  Why?  Because we were in the Emergency Room with Miss Josie whose Mic-Key button came out.  After a long ER wait, the hole had closed so much that the doctor could not get it back in.  The only option was to have a surgery to replace it.  No thanks!  We are now G-tube free.  What does that mean?  It means the dear child had better eat and drink orally because the only other way to avoid dehydration is to get an IV.
So yes, that was a scary, unanticipated summer adventure that I would have blogged about but we were too busy having adventures of the more fun variety this summer like outdoor festivals, the splash pad, and little weekend road trips...
Miss Merryn even traded her tricycle for a big girl bike and she's been taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather to practice.
 Speaking of Merryn, our little girl is growing up.  She recently celebrated her third birthday at Chuck E Cheese!  As you can tell, she had a blast:
 Ha!  She really did have fun, although she was a little unsure about those life size singing animals as well as that big ol' mouse.  He brought back memories of the Easter Bunny and she just wasn't ready to turn on the charm.  Josie, however, was delighted to make a new friend! 
Three going on 30!
 Speaking of growing, check out Baby Lydia:
 She is a delightful baby; she charms everyone with her smiles and coos.  Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne are absolutely enamored with one more little girl to love on.  It's just a shame we have to live so far away from one another...
...until now!  That's right, Folks.  There is another move in our near future.  We will be leaving the Tundra and returning to the Midwest where we will be much closer to Mama Hop, Aunt Leanne, YaYa, Papa, and so many of our friends and loved ones.  In case you're keeping track, that's our seventh move together since going off to college...Life just never slows down for us crazy nomads!
Anyhoo, if you don't hear from us for awhile, we're probably packing up a house and a condo and moving into another condo in another state while we attempt to find another house.  Just typing that makes me tired!  We hope to be able to update you on our next big moving adventure soon.  If you miss us in the meantime, check us out on Instagram @CatfishWithKetchup or you can find our Instagram photos on the right hand margin of the blog.


  1. Oh I wish you luck packing and moving! How wonderful that you are moving back closer to family and friends.

  2. oh my lord. you guys are nuts! good luck!

  3. The pictures of the girls glaring had me laughing this morning. No matter how infrequent you may post in the near future, we will be back to get some more EN medicine! Goooood luck with the move. Sounds like a giant party. (and who gave Miss Lydia permission to grow so big????)

  4. Oh my goodness. And here I thought you were pg again ;)!
    Maybe you will be close enough that we can finally meet ;)!
    Good luck, praying for an easy move and that Josie never needs a button again!

  5. Oh my. I love Baby Lydia. She is so cute. I think you move your house as often as we move our quilt shop. Love to you all.

  6. Didn't you just build and move to that new house? I hope when you move back to the Midwest you tell us what state or province the Tundra is. I want to see if my guess was right.