Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Black & White Photo Shoot

Since becoming parents of three, the "divide and conquer" approach has been the only way Travis and I can survive.  Take, for example, errands:  Travis was sent on an errand to Old Navy to purchase some knit shorts for the girls.  He had been carefully coached on what to look for and armed with a photo of the shirts he was supposed to be finding coordinates for.  Upon arrival, he became a little confused so he Facetimes me (a relatively common occurrence when he's out of his element and needs guidance).  These adorable black and white outfits catch my eye, and even though it wasn't what he was sent to purchase, I tell him to pick those up, too. 
Yesterday was an unseasonably hot day here in the Tundra so I figured these black and white outfits would be the perfect choice to keep the girls cool and comfortable.  Oddly enough, we didn't have any appointments until the afternoon so I decided to throw up a white sheet and photograph my sweet girls in their matching ensembles. 
Now I know what you're thinking - the little voice in the back of my head that was telling me the same thing: I should know better by now.  I should learn to manage my expectations.  This is never going to work.
Yes, you're absolutely correct.  But when I see my babies looking so adorable in their coordinating outfits, I tend to ignore my voice of reason and cling to the hope that today just may be the day that a miracle occurs...
 Merryn immediately launched into "Mother Hen" mode and began bossing and posing her sisters.
 For a split second, there was a glimmer of hope that I may have had a chance at a successful photo shoot when Josie and Merryn both leaned in to kiss Baby Lydia at the same time...but Baby Lydia wasn't having it.  No siree, she was NOT amused. 
 Oh well, if Baby Lydia doesn't want a kiss, Josie will go ahead and kiss her own feet.  Meanwhile, Merryn appears to be losing steam and I suspect what happened next involved her leaning back and...
Disclaimer: No children were injured in the taking of this photo
 Yes, I pressed the button on the camera one more time before rushing to help them.  I'm a good mother like that. 
 And that's about when we decided to call it a day.
But we got a few good photos out of it.  Like this one:
Guess how I got her to smile: I asked her about her "boyfriend".  Oh yes - it worked like a charm!
Look at those faces! 
Totally worth it! 


  1. LOL I am that kind of mom, too. Snap pics first, rescue later! Kids are great at survival. ;)

  2. Cute photos of the girls! I would totally have taken a pic of the "crash scene" before helping......how could you not document all the crazy moments too?!

  3. Beautiful kids, nice pix! Your blog always makes me laugh, love your sense of humor!

  4. They look ADORABLE!!!!! I just purchased black and white outfits for my son at Old Navy also, they were sooooo cute! I couldn't resist!!

  5. Josie's sad face is too adorable! And it reminds me of someone I know .... X. The girls are stunning Elizabeth