Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Aunt Leanne and the Food Service Etiquette Violation

Aunt Leanne is no stranger to hard work.  She's held jobs in various environments including an office, daycare, and in a sheltered workshop.  Along the way, she's learned a thing or two about professionalism.  If you'd like to read her tips, click HERE.  And just like the rest of us, Leanne continues to conquer new challenges, acquire new skills, and make a few mistakes that serve as valuable learning opportunities.
She recently began a job at a café within a corporate office building where she gets to work on a variety of tasks including food preparation, wiping tables, sweeping floors, and working the cash register. She loves the opportunity to get out in the community and mingle with customers.  No doubt her charm and charisma make her a favorite among those customers.  And it's a good thing she's got that winning smile to fall back on when she oversteps professional shaking the tip jar in the air and telling customers "Don't forget to tip!"
Another valuable learning experience for Leanne - yes, the tip jar is there are customers are welcome to tip, but we mustn't verbally mandate that each customer do so.  Another valuable pointer to add to "Leanne's Guide to Professionalism in the Workforce".
Which calls to mind another time Leanne shamelessly solicited a tip...well, you can't blame a girl for trying. 
Oh but what she lacks in food service etiquette she compensates for in sheer likeability and cuteness.  Come on - have you ever seen anyone look this good in a hair net?! 
Mind your manners and keep up the good work, Leanne!  You make us proud!