Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Preschool, Pumpkins, and Prayers

Things are gradually coming together for us in our new community.  We finally made a decision on our long-term residence (more on that to come in a future post).  I've been researching physicians, therapists, extracurricular activities, and various other resources like preschool!  That's right - the first bird has left the nest and that bird answers to the name of "Merryn".  Miss Merryn now attends preschool five mornings a week.  There was this part of me that hated to let her go.  I figured she had the rest of her life to be in school and I just wanted to spend one more year with her.  But then it became apparent that she needed more stimulation than I could provide at home.  She was eager to have new experiences, make new friends, and learn new things.
So we laid out a spiffy new "first day of preschool" outfit, practiced our introductions, and set out for this new adventure. 

Since this was her first time being away from Mom, one might expect some apprehension and maybe even a little tear shed.  But no siree - not Merryn!  Miss Independent was so enamored with the other children that she barely even acknowledged my departure.  By Day 2, Miss Popularity had two little friends standing in the doorway, anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Merryn absolutely loves school!

As if the first week of preschool wasn't exciting enough, Merryn also got to experience her first school field trip to a nearby pumpkin patch.  Since I served as a chaperone, my two additional sidekicks tagged along as well. 
Our stroller wouldn't fit on the hayrack ride so we waved goodbye to Merryn and her classmates and set out to explore the beautiful fall scenery.
There were wagons full of pumpkins and colorful gourds.  Vibrant autumn leaves cascading from the trees and the crisp chill in the air provided the perfect ambiance.  I just wanted to grab a warm apple cider spiked with some rum and gather 'round a bonfire.  Except there was no rum and there was no bonfire...
But there were goats!
Who knew goats could be so large and so friendly?!
My children sure didn't.  In fact, these little city slickers were quite confused...

As we walked away, Josie grumbled "That's a terrible pig!"  Indeed, Josie.  That was a sorry excuse for a pig.  Extremely disappointing to say the least!

I handed Merryn an antibacterial wipe to cleanse her hands after she fed the pigs...er...dogs...I mean...goats and she immediately started wiping Josie's hands.  That's our Mother Hen!
It was so terrific to be able to spend the morning with Merryn and her friends at the pumpkin patch.
Another heartwarming display of sisterhood transpired at the corn pool(a big sandbox with corn instead of sand).  Merryn's class was busily playing in the corn and I set Josie on the side so she could watch.  Mother Hen immediately retrieved a shovel and pail and brought them to Josie so she could participate.  Josie was delighted, as was I.
Talk about new experiences, fun activities, and photo ops galore!
The other kids departed with their parents but we stayed behind and took a few additional photos.  Then we pushed the stroller back up the long gravel path to the car, and set out towards town to enjoy a hearty lunch and a nice, long nap.
 But getting back to town wasn't going to be that easy according to the service lights on my car warning me that my tire pressure was dangerously low. I called Travis who encouraged me to find a local service station.  However, in this neck of the woods, there was no AutoZone nor JiffyLube for miles!  Instead of getting on the interstate, I drove into the next small town where I happened upon an automotive restoration place.  I wandered in and was greeted by restored vintage automobiles.  I'm not exactly driving my children around in a Model T so I wasn't sure I'd found the right resource but the nice gentleman working there stopped what he was doing and came outside to help. 
Within minutes, my tire was inflated and the warning light vanished.  When I asked the kind gentleman what I owed him, he simply waved his hand and told me to drive safe.  I got back in the car and was greeted by a barrage of questions from my inquisitive little preschooler and I explained that a nice man helped us out by inflating my tire so we could make it home safely and that we should say a prayer for him.  As I headed towards the interstate, a little voice echoed from the backseat "In da name of da fader, da son, and the howee spiwit..." A tear slid down my cheek as I called to mind the wonderful men in my life who would have dropped what they were doing to help a stranger in need.  Men like my father and grandpa who have passed on but whose memories resonated so vividly in that one act of kindness.

Inflating my tire may have seemed like a simple gesture to him, but it was meaningful...just like the prayer that trailed from my backseat that day..."Dear God, please bless that nice man."



  1. Sweet about the prayer.
    I'm glad there was a simple fix for the tire and that someone lent a helping him.

  2. I am so happy to SEEEE you all again! It must have been a whirlwind few months. The girls look great! I love your tire/prayer story. God bless you all!

  3. I have tears running down my face picturing Josie grumbling "That's a terrible pig." I just can't even handle how adorable your children are.

  4. Omgosh!! Love love your post! It's So refreshing to hear children that are being raised right! Thet are so sweet and they are not learning it on their own. Good job and God Bless Mom and Dad!!
    terrible pig lol

  5. This makes me want to send Carter to school! (Also- how is that I blinked and you put up a ton of new posts???? You're on fire!) I love that Merryn has her own friends. And her own field trips. SO grown up!

  6. That's a terrible pig!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! Kids are so hilarious sometimes!!