Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Thanks

Like last week, while Travis traveled back to the Tundra to oversee the movers as they packed up our possessions and moved them to storage (more on this later), my mom and sister visited to help me out in his absence.  And I was all set to blog about it and then Merryn got pink eye...and then she fell and cut her head open requiring 3 staples...and then Josie ran a super high temp requiring yet another doctor visit (yes, that's 3 in one week - a holiday week, mind you) and suddenly doing my job as a mom became so consuming that I couldn't make time to document it.  But I finally have an uninterrupted hour while my children sleep and I would be remiss not to recognize...
 Thanksgiving - a season to appreciate the blessings in your life.  Blessings like a loving aunt and grandmother who grace us with warmth, kindness, humor, and...!  And let's stop and give thanks for bossy little sisters who carefully moderate the opening of said gifts.  Because there's a right and a wrong way to open presents, clearly.  It's important to have an expert to facilitate the proper wrapping-removal protocol!
 The gratitude doesn't end there.  No siree...
 Let's toast to affectionate aunts, loving embraces, and tender moments.
 It's important to appreciate the role models along our journey; mentors who inspire, encourage, and guide us.
It nourishes the soul to stop and recognize the people in our lives whose sheer presence elicits smiles so effortlessly.
 Do you know how satisfying it is to find someone who "gets" you?  Let's give thanks for that!
And on this, the last day of Adoption Awareness Month, we give thanks for the blessing of adoption in our lives.  I didn't have a chance to blog about it as extensively as I would have liked but check out the following adoption related posts in our archive:

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