Thursday, May 7, 2015

We Are Moving...Again!

Last August we found ourselves relocating to another city and state as a result of Travis accepting another position within the company.  We have always wanted to live in this city and we are truly happy here.  And while our nomadic history has certainly taught us to never say never, we would love to stay here and "settle down," so to speak.  After an exhausting real estate search, we decided that building a home would be the best way to accommodate our unique family.  We broke ground in October and we have been eagerly watching the progress.  Finally, moving day/week is upon us! 
Back in August, I blogged about writing a Social Story  for Josie to help her anticipate and understand our impending move.  Her adjustment to our new surroundings was remarkably smooth, and while I'm not sure that can be attributed to the Social Story I drafted, it couldn't have hurt.  So I decided to do it again for our move into our new home:
Photos of the exterior have been altered/obscured to protect our privacy as part of our internet safety measures. 

Merryn told Josie's speech therapist that our dog is not coming with us because she's not pictured on this page; minor oversight of a sleep deprived mother.  The dog will, indeed, be joining us.

This is the part of the book where Josie busts out her signature sass and echoes "Independently?  NO!"

Everybody now: "Independently?  NO!"
I apologize but it appears as though I failed to save the file properly so I lost a few pages.  No worries - I took photos of my hard copy to share.  My IT guru husband would be mortified!  Lets just keep this between us, Mmmmk?  Thanks!

A few pages were omitted because they contain photographs of a top secret surprise in the new house to be revealed soon!  No, it's not another BALL PIT, but there's still time to talk Travis into recreating that brilliant work of art!  The new surprise is pretty cool so stay tuned.  Talk to you soon, Friends!


  1. The new house looks amazing! So much light! May you all fill it with laughter and giggles.

  2. Shouldn't that say YOU will miss the condo? hehe Congrats on the house being ready!

  3. "Independently? No!" Josie sass cracks me up :)
    The social story seems a good idea.
    Ah, your house is a castle, even the swing set is huge!
    Good luck with the move!

  4. I about died when I saw the title of this post - I thought y'all were moving to another city. No, I thought! She hasn't even moved into her house yet! May this be a wonderful home for your family!

  5. Your new house is beautiful! I pray it brings joy and happiness for all of you. Even non-independent Josie. :)

  6. Looks lovely. I'm not suppose to envy you your home, but I do. I wonder if you'll reveal what state or province you lived in when you lived in "the tundra." Minnesota? Saskatchewan? New Hampshire? North Dakota? Manitoba? Alberta? Where's LeeAnn? Mama Hop? What is Thelma up to?