Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Last year we failed to send Christmas cards.  It was a big, fat, pathetic Christmas card failure (Leanne would give it the infamous F+).  This blog post outlines the Top 10 Reasons Why We Boycotted Christmas Cards (click here, Mom) last year.  It also showcased my pathetic counting abilities.  All the more reason why I was in no position to pull off the big Christmas card project.  

However, this year...

...isn't looking so hot, either.


  1. Best Christmas card blogpost yet! Good for you! Own it! Better yet- send those out, they're hilarious & adorable & a sweet memory of the girls at this age. ❤️ Happy Holidays

  2. Oh to be Merryn's mother. That personality just shines right through, whether you want it to or not! LOL

  3. So, I send out New Years cards! I snap a few pics on Christmas Day prior to heading out/having people over (once girls are ready). If those don't turn out I use the Santa visit pics...Lately I have had to separate photos of Me and Hubs with one child and vice versa. Also it eliminates the stress of the mail out time period. Costco has quite a few New Years cards.

  4. love your girls sooooo much 😍