Friday, February 26, 2016

Little Trooper

On a recent business trip, Travis found an excuse to visit the new Star Wars attraction at Disney World.  He brought the girls back souvenir shirts.  Since this whole RSV ordeal, Josie's "Little Trooper" shirt has taken on a whole new meaning.  
I'm elated to report that it's been nearly a week since she left the hospital and her recovery is going very well.  Travis moved her mattress to the floor of our room where she sleeps next to me, separated by only a nightstand holding a pulse oximeter, nebulizer, tissues, and saline solution  I can neurotically witness every subtle nuance in her breathing and respond accordingly.  She keeps improving.  Her cough is subsiding.  Her temperament is returning to it's pleasant, pre-RSV baseline.

Her body is still fighting the virus as illustrated by her voluntarily retreat to her mattress to cuddle her chicken and take a long afternoon nap daily.  And per her pediatrician's and school nurse's advice, we're going to hold off on her return to preschool until she's had a chance to fully recover from this.  But she's getting there!
Again, on behalf of our "Little Trooper," thank you for your well wishes, support, and prayers. 

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  1. I'm so glad to see this update. And she's getting better!