Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weekend With Aunt Leanne: Part 2 (The Kiddie Pool Incident of 2016)

Where were we?  Ah yes, the kiddie pool incident of 2016.  Not to be confused with the hotel kiddie pool incident of early 2014 in which a child we thought was potty trained and opted not to put a swim diaper on, was having so much fun at a hotel pool that she didn't want to stop for a potty break.  This became evident when said child left a smeared brown trail behind her as she slid down the kiddie slide.  I still can't recall that story without cringing.  Now, before we go swimming, we all recite the important mantra, "We don't poop in the pool!"  And everyone under the age of 30 is required to wear a swim diaper - just in case!  But I digress...

With our impending visit, Mama Hop thought that a kiddie pool would be an excellent way to beat the heat and provide hours of entertainment so she and Leanne got in the Mama Hop Rod and drove to Toys R Us.  Being the boy scout that she is...ahem...Mama Hop brought a couple of bungee cords with her so she could attach said kiddie pool to the roof of her small sedan.
 Within a block of leaving the strip mall, said kiddie pool flew off the roof of Mama Hop's car into the middle of a busy intersection!  Time for Plan B:  Mama Hop pulled over at another strip mall, abandoned her car, retrieved the pool, and she and Leanne lugged the darn thing a mile home.  And we're not just talking a remote mile along a country road.  No.  We're talking past fast food restaurants, major retail stores, and medical offices.  We're talking one of the busiest stretches of commercial real estate in that part of the state!  In fact, when Mama Hop suggested we recreate this scene for the blog, she literally offered for her and Leanne carry said kiddie pool to TGI Friday's and pose.  Um, yeah.  No thanks, Mom - I'm going to go ahead and pass on that.  It's bad enough that it happened once.  We don't need to relive the mortification - at least this amateur photographer doesn't care to take part.  We can all use our imaginations and picture Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne carrying this kiddie pool across TGI Friday's parking lot.  That's a sight you don't see everyday.  And yet, when my mother calls to tell me these stories, somehow I'm not even a little bit surprised. 

But look what a great investment that kiddie pool turned out to be!  Oh yeah - the #WorldsBestAunt joined in the fun!  Mama Hop even rigged an umbrella to provide little shade for our fair-skinned diva.
 Coolest. Aunt. Ever!  She humored her beloved "Thelma" (her nickname for Merryn - for further explanation, click HERE) and enrolled in her "Sprinkler Sprinting 101" course.
 Leanne drew the line at "Sprinkler Gymnastics 301".
 Ah yes...but these are moments worth walking-a-mile-through-a-busy-commercial-part-of-town-carrying-a-blue-plastic-pool for.  This is the good stuff!
My babies are now awake so this post must come to an end, but tune in next time for the conclusion of our visit with Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne.

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  1. So funny! I read this and was laughing out loud! What a wonderful Mom and Sister you have!!!