Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summer at The Lake

Talk about a crazy, hectic, whirlwind of a summer.  Somewhere between Leanne's BIG 40 and Merryn's Fixer Upper Party, we got too busy living life to stop and blog about it.  Even the DSLR started to get cobwebs on it.  

For those who follow us on Instagram @CatfishWithKetchup, you saw almost-daily posts about Josie losing her first tooth, Lydia learning to overcome her separation anxiety at the expense of the poor Spanish Camp instructor's eardrums, therapy sessions, show choir performances, visits from family, swim spa arrival, deck building, corn shucking, and the infamous Desitin incident of 2017.  

But we would be remiss not to mention one particular highlight: our visit to the Tundra to see our soulmate family.  Oh how we miss them and when we reunite, all of us blend together seamlessly, and we continue to create memories to last a lifetime.  So here's a little slideshow we'd like to dedicate to our dear friends.  

Thank you for a magical 4th of July together!  We love you!

Stay tuned because with Lydia in part time preschool, there are a whopping 2 child-free, interruption-free, blissfully quiet hours every day that will hopefully be spent updating the blog more frequently.

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