Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus 2020: A Social Story

Hello to our virtual friends!  Never before have we experienced the importance of our ability to connect online like we are experiencing in the wake of the Coronavirus.  Difficult scenarios like this one present an opportunity to see the best that humanity has to offer; even in isolation, people are uniting to support one another through this unprecedented challenge by sharing ideas, prayer, and uplifting stories.

Here at our house, we're trying to put a positive spin on things.  The girls have been finding creative ways to entertain themselves.  You can find more of our adventures documented on Instagram @CatfishwithKetchup.

But for individuals with special needs, a disruption in the daily routine can be upsetting no matter how you spin it.  That's when social stories come in handy.  After a chain of Leanne's activities have been canceled, it was time to break the difficult news to Leanne that she could no longer go to work.  Josie needed to know that she would not be returning to school anytime soon.  And they needed an explanation that was neither alarming nor ominous.  So I did what I always do and I wrote a social story.  
I made a generic version of it to share with our blog followers.  You can find it HERE.  If you're inclined to write your own custom social story, check out the tips that can be found in this post.  

We read through the social story as a family and then the girls asked questions.  Leanne asked what she's supposed to wear; her daily schedule dictates what she wears whether she's going to the gym (exercise clothes), going to work (uniform), or volunteering in the community (business casual), or church (formal).  This is the type of logistical question that I would expect when her routine has been disrupted.  Then she asked, "Is my birthday canceled?"  Bless. Her.  Heart.  I had to fight back tears on that one.  I told her that I could not promise friends nor a meal at the restaurant of her choice, but that nothing would stop us from celebrating HER here at our house.  

In these uncertain times, we must get resourceful and creative.  But above all, let's focus on the most important thing: loving one another.
Stay home.  

Stay healthy.  


  1. I love sweet Leanne! Beth asks each week if she is going bowling or to work. She has a wall calendar in her room that we mark down the days until... vacation or other events but we haven't been able to give her an answer on when this will end. That's been the hardest thing for her, not knowing how long this will last. And honestly, I think that's the hardest thing for most of us! I'm glad you all are doing well!