Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby's First Snowsuit

Do you remember when you got your first snowsuit?  Perhaps it was a snazzy, pale pink little number with fur around the hood that was so magnificent that you couldn't control the urge to frantically clap your mitten covered hands...
...and as your first snowsuit frenzy escalated, so did the clapping until you kind of lost your balance...
...and clapped yourself right over!
But your little tumble probably didn't even faze you because you were so pumped up about your new snowsuit that you couldn't wipe the new snowsuit grin off your face! 
And you knew you looked darn good in that furry pink snowsuit...So good that you threw your arms in the air and said 'Do I know how to rock a snowsuit or what?!"
Today's entertainment brought to you by Josie's Mama Hop who sure knows how to pick a snowsuit that will provide smiles all around!


  1. So often when visiting this Blog, I think No. She couldn't possibly get any cuter.

    This takes the cake.

    Thanks for the smile : )



  2. Oh, so very cute! That snowsuit is so AWESOME!

  3. absolutely adorable.

  4. LOL - she is DEFINITELY rocking the snowsuit! I don't think I put Samantha in a snowsuit until she was 3 because it was too much drama to get on and off, and because she couldn't move in it. So, needless to say, we didn't go outside. hehehe Josie's all set for this crazy weather, and is super-fashionable!

  5. That's one sassy snowsuit!!! Work it Josie!

  6. I nominate' Josie in her snowsuit' for Funniest Home Videos! And where did 'Mama Hop' find such an adorable baby snowsuit? (((hugs)))

  7. This in the cutest bolg...EVER!!! My lil DS diva rocks her snosuit, too- looks like a little Eskimo (well, a Chinese eskimo!) I often wonder if we live close. We are in the "heart of the Heartland" as well. Stay warm :)

  8. I love it!! So glad I found your blog! :)

  9. This is the cutest snowsuit , maybe if Rozie had this snowsuit it wouldn't be war every time we try to put hers on. Where did you get it?