Friday, March 4, 2011

Leanne's Guide to Weight Loss

Those jeans are looking pretty baggy, Girlfriend!

Leanne loves to talk about food.  To call it an obsession is an understatement.  However, she tries to be health conscious and she loves to tell us that she's "getting skinny"!  She recently sent an email update on her progress.  It's part bragging; part appealing for a new wardrobe:

dear eliaeabeth nickname freid rice

lost weight 10 pounds

keep out stuff habits hibits

watch cholesterl

no fat

i excises

i take walk


6 days





chesesbuger head nickname

Leanne walks daily - either around the cul-de-sac or back and forth in the basement (it's rather funny to watch but the girl's committed!).  She's also a huge fan of Richard Simmons (who isn't?!).  A couple of years ago, my mom plotted and schemed and ended up getting Leanne a  once in a lifetime opportunity to meet her fitness idol!  Sorry about the grainy cell phone photos:


Leanne, I'm sure if he could see you now, Richard would be so proud of your weight loss.  Congratulations!  I'll be on the lookout for some cute new duds for your skinny self! 


  1. Sweety..I'm going to do you one better if you email me privately I will give you his email address. If you can help Leanne write and send a picture to him I know he would be happy to hear from her. He does answer emails, and writes back. I'll email him and give him a heads up. you can email me at getfitafter40 at aol dot com if you are interested.
    great job to Leanne and you for supporting her.


  2. She is adorable! Way to go Leanne! 10 pounds is A LOT!

  3. Way to go Leanne...I wish I had her motivation, I could stand to lose about 10lbs too! :)

  4. Of COURSE she would love Richard Simmons...why did i not see that coming? I think it's time someone got a bedazzled tank top in a size ten pounds smaller. Woot, woot, Cheeseburger Head! Or should I say, Cheeseburger-hold-the-Mayo-head. Way to GO, Leanne!!!!

  5. Way to go Leanne! Oh, and that picture of her face gleaming as she is meeting Richard is priceless! I bet he'd be really proud of her!

  6. Yay Leanne! Jimmy is the same way....but he will tell me that pizza is healthy and good for his heart (and also gummy bears and Reece cups). Then he will show me how he looks before and after a workout. He says "before" and sticks his stomach out and then says "after" and sucks it in.:)

  7. Way to go, Cheeseburger Head!! and Fried Rice, she needs some new clothes. Any way to get matching duds for Leanne and Josie? Imagine the photo takes. Priceless:)