Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christmas in Therapy World

While most of us celebrate Christmas in December, therapists must celebrate Christmas in June, because last week, they showered Josie with an abundance of gifts! 

Let's start with physical therapy.  Did you know kids with Down syndrome can be super flexible?  Check this out:
Ouch!  Does that make anyone else cringe?!  Well, this excessive hip abduction is an attribute that physical therapists do not want to encourage.  Therefore, Josie's PT brought her a gift that will help: introducing Hip Helpers!  Check out these snazzy electric blue spandex shorts that are sewn together at the crotch:
This calls for a round of applause!

These shorts do not allow Josie's legs to extend at a 90 degree angle from her body as shown in the first photo.  Instead, they promote proper alignment and encourage correct patterns of moment.
Get Lance Armstrong on the phone - she's ready for the Tour de France!

We also spent a great deal of time focused on feeding therapy last week.  Our mission: increase Josie's oral intake to the point where she no longer needs that darn feeding tube!
Josie wore her strawberry outfit to channel good food vibes. 
(Mom wants you to know that Josie never leaves the house without shoes, however, they rarely last throughout the duration of an errand.  Despite Mom's constant reminder of the old "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" policy, Josie prefers the au natural look from the ankles down.)

While this particular feeding therapy session did not produce the groundbreaking miracle mom was praying for (yes, I really went in wanting a Pentecostal tent revival type scenario in which we emerged fully healed and free from g tube dependence), we will remain steadfast in our efforts to eliminate Josie's reliance on the feeding tube. 

Josie's Occupational Therapist wants that, too.  That's why she brought us these nifty new feeding therapy devices.  Here is Josie with her brand new Z Vibe:
It's a vibrating pen-like thing that is designed to provide sensory input to increase oral awareness and decrease oral sensitivities.  Josie digs it!
She also brought us this textured "Grabber" that Josie can hold and chew on.  It helps promote tongue and jaw movement and oral exploration. 
Oh how we love receiving gifts around here.  In exchange, Josie's gift to her therapists will undoubtedly be hard work, complete cooperation, and positive outcomes! Right, Josie Jo Jo?  Good deal!


  1. spot on with the flexable thing, I call Fiona my little pretzel, she can fold herself completely in half and hits her self in the head with the bar inbetween her orthopedic shoes

  2. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did! Every time I see one of your posts in my reader it brings a smile to my face! Josie is absolutely precious, and your love for your sister and Josie, and appreciation of all their gifts really comes through in your writing.
    Thanks for sharing Josie and your sister with the rest of us!

  3. Christmas in June how awesome! Can't wait to see you take off even more Josie girl! You are so sinkin' adorable! We like the au natural feet too, why cover those cute pigs!

  4. Those flexibility pictures get me every time...simply amazing! Sutter has zero flexibility so every time someone post a picture or video like that I find myself starting and thinking "ouch"!

    Good luck with the feeding, with any luck she'll be feeding tube free in no time! :)

  5. Mia has a lovely pair of black hip helpers too! The PT doesn't like her reverse splits to sitting either :) We also rarely bother with shoes since they don't stay on long at all. We have to get Mia and Josie together sometime!

  6. oh mayson hated the hip huggers! she would get so made when i put them on her!! hope you can get rid of the feeding tube soon!

  7. Vada has the nuk, the first one, but she's not overly impressed with it. Truthfully, is serves more of a purpose of pulling out those left behind pieces of food in her mouth- but I always offer it to her. Nowise seems to like hers though.