Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, New Camera

I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who left a comment in rememberance of my father.  Your support brings comfort during this difficult time.  He's been gone less than two weeks and yet there is already so much I wish I could tell him; like how I got a new camera.  He would have been pleased.

Yes, after nearly two years of parenthood and thousands of photos, we finally took the plunge and upgraded from a trusty old point & shoot to a DSLR.  But I quickly learned that a snazzy new camera doesn't automatically make you a professional photographer. 

Exhibit A:
Yeah, I was off to a rocky start.

My munchkins were in bed by the time I was able to get the camera out of the box and start fiddling with it.  Lucky for me, our four-legged family member, Lillian, was more than happy to be my practice subject.  However, she wasn't interested in posing for a still life portrait.  She prefers a live action shot, showcasing how she earned her nickname, "White Lightning".
She may be almost 9 years old, she may weigh less than four pounds, and she may resemble the little battery operated dog that does flips outside of the toy store at the mall, but she fancies herself both fast and ferocious.

Yesterday, Josie had physical therapy which provided another fun opportunity to whip out the new camera.  Check out Little Miss Josie JoJo - bearing weight on her feet AND smiling while doing it!  Talk about a Kodak moment!

Josie also had feeding therapy yesterday.  Since I had my new camera out, she figured she would show off her self-feeding skills.  Pretty impressive...
...although it was a little bit of a hassle.  You see, after caking herself in food during feeding therapy, Josie required her second bath of the day.  I also went to the trouble of washing her outfit again while she napped.  Why?  Well, because I was absolutely determined to get an adorable shot of my girls in their matching ensembles before sunset!

The genuine smiles, sparkling eyes, and unsolicited hand-holding captured here made it all worth it!

Move over, Anne Geddes!  We're coming for you ;-)


  1. Sweet! We love our camera but haven't figured it all out yet but it does take such great pics. I can't believe how BIG Josie looks standing. Ahh where did baby Josie go?

  2. Love the pics, I got a DSLR camera about a year ago and I still haven't figured that thing out, but I haven't tried much cause I have to admit, it's scary to me...maybe this year :-)

  3. Well done, lady! They look GREAT!

  4. Yeah! Way to take the plunge. What did you end up getting? The girls are looking mighty adorable!

  5. Ray has had his camera for 2 years, and he still hasn't figured everything out! He is so in love with it though!

  6. You have some pretty good models :)


  7. iheartfaces dot com has great tutorials! Good luck!

  8. How do you do the fancy smanchy borders and 4 pic collages? Love those and the rockin divas in their matching clothes!

  9. Krista - I got a Canon Rebel. I know nothing about it. I have it set to "automatic". Someday...Shelly, I use Picassa. Get a Google email (gmail) and you, too, can be "fancy schmancy"! ;-)