Monday, January 23, 2012

Elmo - by the numbers

Josie's existence has been forever altered since the phenomenon known as "Elbow" has entered her world. Here's a little breakdown, by the numbers:

2 - The number of "Let's Rock" Elmo's Josie has owned since December 25, 2011.
3 - The number of states the aforementioned "Let's Rock" Elmo's have been pursued in by concerned parents and grandparents
7 - AM that is. This is the time of day when Josie starts requesting "Elbow"; essentially, as soon as she opens her eyes, she's yelling "Elbow" from her crib.
8 - The number of hours per day that Elmo is expected to perform (at least). Doubtful that the folks at Hasbro designed Elmo with this in mind. Hence, we're on our second Elmo in less than a month.
6 - The average number of kisses Elmo receives from Josie per day. Once again, this is a rough estimate. The actual number is probably much higher.
30 - The number of batteries that we have put in Elmo('s) since December 25, 2011. Seriously, folks. It's time to buy stock in Duracell.

Just so you can get a feel for the impact Elmo has had on our household (and for the soundtrack of six once-cute-but-now-beyond-grating songs performed in that shrieky falsetto that play over and over and over and over all day long - a doubled edged sword for which we are so grateful that we would likely forsake indoor plumbing if necessary, because he brings so much joy to Miss Josie's days) here is a little clip. Actually, it's a rather long clip because I couldn't figure out how to trim it with my video editing software. Go ahead and watch it 120 times and that will give you the real experience of a typical day around here:

Yes, my child actually shushes me because I'm interrupting Elmo!

And here's how that jam session ended:

She rocks until she drops.  Rock on, Elbow!  Rock on!


  1. So cute - I laughed at your "and watch it 120 times" remark as it brought back memories of playing Raffi tapes over and over and over...

  2. So funny! She really LOVES that toy, doesn't she?!
    Love your writing: I have 3 girls, my youngest has Ds, and am following quite a few blogs of parents with a little one with Ds, you are definitely the most humorous of all of them! Am always looking forward to your posts. (And your girls are SO cute!)

  3. LOVE that she shushed you! lol! So so cute!


  4. Adorable!

    Just a thought that could perhaps save you on the Duracell stock. Naybe invest in the recharble ones!

    Thanks for the smiles Josie!

  5. A friend just linked to this blog, and I love it. But I couldn't bear to click on the video, because my 10 month old has her own "Elbow," and I fear waking her up and having to get Elmo out! (The good thing is that she's still too little to figure out how to turn him on!)

  6. That is phenomenal! I think you definitely need to buy stock in red fur... and batteries! That girl has elbow fever! lol

  7. that rocking Elmo creeps me out! SO far we haven't introduced Brooke to him...although she has a major jones for The Wiggles

  8. We loved it! Joy was jamming along with her!

  9. Was just browsing and saw that they have an $8 off coupon for that Elmo toy. So had to think of Josie. Not sure if you expect to need another one soon, but you could print it just in case...

  10. I have an Elmo obsessed two year old too! All day long he brings me Elmo books, the Elmo singing doll or the remote and says "la-la la-la" (aka Elmo)

  11. I love your videos and that was one of the cutest ones!I was just at Target and saw this Rockin Elmo and thought of Josie. Adorable!

  12. I LOVED this! Totally made me smile!