Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Endoscopy Update

Thanks to all who prayed for Josie.  Today's endoscopy went very well. 

Even though we had to report to the children's hospital very early, Josie was alert and ready for action.

 She thought she she was pretty cool when she got her hospital bracelet - especially since she just learned the word, "bracelet."

She patiently complied as the nurse applied numbing cream to every possible spot where the IV could go.  She happily proclaimed "cream!" over and over.

 As if the hospital bracelet wasn't cool enough, Josie was super psyched when she got wrapped in red and purple bandages to cover all the spots where the numbing cream had been applied.  After showcasing her superb fine motor skills by removing some of her bandages, she got an extra dose of bandaging which made her look like she was wearing a couple of casts.  Pretty cool!

And when you're looking this cool, of course you have to brag to your sister.  Merryn looks impressed, doesn't she? 

All that numbing cream paid off because when it was time to insert the IV, Josie didn't shed one tear!  Here's the child life specialist trying to distract her with the iPad.  Josie wasn't about to fall for that.  While she maintained her brave face, she never let her guard down.  She had her eye on those nurses!  She's been around this block once or twice.

After the IV was inserted, she was stoked to have even more purple bandages, and she received a brand new stuffed animal to boot!

She gave that puppy a couple of hugs and kisses before dangling it over the edge of the bed and saying "bye bye" as she tossed it on the floor. 
The procedure itself was brief.  Nothing alarming was found but we won't know about her biopsy results for a few more days.  After her sedation wore off, Josie bounced right back, asking for hugs and sassing us with her favorite word, "no!".  Same old Josie! 

Today's endoscopy was part of our ongoing plight to get Josie off the feeding tube.  If her procedure results indicate that her GI system is in proper working order, we will be referred to a child psychologist who specializes in feeding disorders.  We'll keep you posted!

Thanks again for your support and prayers. 


  1. Thanks for taking the time to update! Way to go, Josie-O! If that feeding psychologist has any two-for-one specials, give me a call. We'll have the Biggs join Jo and we'll call 'em dinner dates.

  2. She is WAY tougher than I! And so are you for that matter... For every sedation procedure we've been through, be it 8 minutes under or 9 hours, they have given her 5 seconds of gas to knock her out before they did the IV. That's the only way I can deal with the thought of the poking. (Funny since we've been through sawing and incisions galore...)

    So glad it went well, and I hope it helps you down the journey to tube freedom. We're almost there... And we did think it was behavioral for quite a while, that's what they all said, but when we had our Talk Tools pro eval we got a whole new plan and have finally made progress toward eating. We're on target to be minus one plastic belly button by 5 1/2, this summer. Woo hoo!

  3. Awe...She is such a trooper. The numbing cream is a great idea.. My son is probably going to have to have an endoscopy next month and I am nervous about the sedation already. Are there any side effects. Thanks for the update and the page looks great with all the pictures.

  4. This kid is tougher than nails. Love the blog makeover!

  5. Glad all went well, hoping she is off that tubie asap!

  6. I have an Endoscopy surgery and want to travel 2 days later. Can anyone tell me how they felt after wards?