Saturday, March 31, 2012

Josie's Birthday Extravaganza Continued...

The birthday celebration that commenced last weekend with YaYa's visit just ended yesterday.  Yes, it was a week long extravaganza.  Therefore, from YaYa to conclusion, it will likely require at least five blog posts.  Let's get started...

I racked my brain to figure out what to serve Josie as a special birthday meal.  We've already established how eating isn't exactly one of her favorite past times.  However, she does have a few favorites: Cheetos, Bread sticks/Pizza Crust, and asparagus.  Yes, you heard right.  The kid loves asparagus.  I literally have to cut her off.
Following her bizarre birthday meal, Josie opened gifts.  She has a rather unique approach to removing wrapping paper...
Being an occasion, of course mom had to attempt a birthday photo shoot with the girls in their matching strawberry outfits.  It was about as successful as all past photo shoots:
Problem solved with a little cut and paste action.  Note to self: learn to use Photoshop.
And if you liked the monkey who sings "Escape (the piña  colada song)," you'll love the chihuahua who sings "La Bamba."  Josie sure does. 

We now have a grand total of 11 singing animals in our home.  We're still trying to convince dad to build risers for our choral group.  When they all sing in unison, it's a party for the years, let me tell you.
On the next episode of CCE - Josie's Birthday Extravaganza, Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne join us to celebrate.  Stay tuned!


  1. Adorable! Looks like as entertaining as a 2-year old birthday extravaganza can be!

  2. How cute are those strawberry outfits/hairbows? Question about the photo shoot... did Josie not want her sister to touch her feet, or did Josie not like the feel of the grass... and how did Merryn end up on the ground? :- )

  3. your photo shoots with your girls crack me up :) happy birthday sweet Josie

  4. A swift kick maybe??

    Isn't Merryn just the spitting image on you!

    Happy birthday munchikin JoJo.

  5. I think that choral group would lead to an investment of earplugs :-)