Sunday, April 1, 2012

Josie's Birthday Extravaganza - The Conclusion

Josie's week long birthday extravaganza concluded with a visit from Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne.  It was the first visit from Mama Hop since her back surgery and her recovery is truly astounding.  Go Mama Hop!
No particular reason for this photo; it was just too sweet not to share.

Josie had tons of gifts to open.  She got some new outfits, a dollhouse, more books for her collection, and a pink princess musical potty!  Of course the first image that came to mind was one of Josie doing her signature dance move on the potty.  We'll never be able to get her off of it!

Gotta love Leanne doing the Vanna White next to the new potty!

After Josie finished opening her gifts, we all strapped on our party hats...
...and gathered around to enjoy some Elmo cake.
Josie really enjoyed tearing into that cake.  She was covered in it and she attempted to share the fun with anyone who dared approach her!
Dad got tasked with kitchen clean up duty while Mom got tasked with giving Josie her second bath of the day.
The girls were so worn out from the birthday festivities that they retired early that evening.  This allowed us adults to have a peaceful dinner while celebrating Mama Hop's birthday.  Poor Mama Hop lost her birthday spotlight a couple of years ago when Josie entered the family but according to her, she wouldn't have it any other way.  However, Leanne would never forget a birthday.  She had big plans for Mama Hop!
After retrieving a birthday card from its top secret hiding place and presenting it to our mom, Leanne wandered off and reappeared with a delicious carrot cake. 
Under the watchful supervision of her favorite brother-in-law, Leanne sliced that carrot cake to the best of her ability and served it to us. 
However, the portion sizes were not exactly equal.  It's difficult to tell in this photo but Mama Hop received a modest sliver while Leanne served herself two slices that were generously appointed with icing - one included the carrot and the other included a rose.
While on the subject of Leanne, I must share a little conversation that transpired between Leanne and Travis:

Leanne: I'm going to go take a shower.  I don't want to smell like the rugrats.
Travis: Why not?  What do the rugrats smell like?
Leanne: They smell like poop - in a good way!
Travis: Is it possible to smell like poop in a good way?!

Leanne likes to amend any insulting or unpleasant statement with the phrase "in a good way" as though it negates the harsh undertone of the statement.  It doesn't always make sense but it's usually pretty funny.

 In conclusion, we'd like to wish Josie...
...and Mama Hop...
...a very happy birthday!


  1. Awwww, what fun! Jimmy always makes sure that birthdays don't go by without a special cake also. And once one birthday is over, (literally right after blowing out the candles), he is already talking about the next birthday in the family! We are so blessed, aren't we?! :)

  2. What a fun party! Happy Birthday Josie and Mama Hop! (Beth would have sliced and served the cake the exact same way Leanne did!)

  3. I loved the way you worked those photos together! Super cute!!!! Happy birthday Sweet girl! I too have a little one 2.5 almost now! Can't believe how time is flying!