Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Josie's Brazilian BFF - interesting tidbit

I'd like to thank Talita, a CCE reader and Brazil resident, who took the time to share the back story of Josie's new doll with us. Travis did not know any of this when he purchased the doll but the coincidence is pretty cool!

OMG she got a Monica doll... This is a tradional cartoon here in Brazil... the kids here love monica, cebolinha (tha loves and fights monica all the time), Magali (that love watermellon) Cascao (that hates showers) and bidu the puppy... If you look on youtube Turma da Monica you can see a little about this cartoon. In honner of Internation downsyndrom Ziraldo the creator of Monicas Gang made a cute cartoon about it. Its called Viva as diferenças;;; or long life to the difrences http://universofantastico.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/turma-da-monica-portadora-de-down-vira-personagem-de-quadrinhos/ if you follow the link you will se the cartoon, the red haired little girl has t21. Just a little Brazilian cartoon facts.... I love your blog and never comment but after monica I just had to!!!! Love all the way from Brazil!!! Talita
By Talita on Josie's Brazilian BFF on 3/18/12

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