Sunday, March 18, 2012

Josie's Brazilian BFF

Travis just got back from a business trip to Brazil and Argentina and we were all so happy to see him.  It didn't hurt that he brought us presents!  I got fun earrings.  Merryn got a funny pig puppet...
...but JoJo's gift was the most celebrated of them all.  Unparalleled in it's magnificent splendor, it captured Josie's heart instantly.
It's the one thing she never knew she always wanted: a buck-toothed doll that flails about while singing a chirpy song in Portuguese.  Even though Travis did not have room for it in his luggage, when he saw it, he knew he would do what it took to make sure that doll found its way into Josie's arms.

Guess what Josie's been doing for the last six hours...

DJ JoJo even discovered that when her new doll sings in unison with Elmo, their voices blend into a melodically stunning duet that rival the great duos of our time; Donnie and Marie, Captain and Tennille, Milli get the idea.  They could sell out Carnegie Hall, folks.  At least as far as Josie is concerned.

And Dad is a hero, as far as we're all concerned.
Welcome Home, Travis.  You were missed!


  1. OMG she got a Monica doll... This is a tradional cartoon here in Brazil... the kids here love monica, cebolinha (tha loves and fights monica all the time), Magali (that love watermellon) Cascao (that hates showers) and bidu the puppy... If you look on youtube Turma da Monica you can see a little about this cartoon. In honner of Internation downsyndrom Ziraldo the creator of Monicas Gang made a cute cartoon about it. Its called Viva as diferenças;;; or long life to the difrences if you follow the link you will se the cartoon, the red haired little girl has t21. Just a little Brazilian cartoon facts.... I love your blog and never comment but after monica I just had to!!!! Love all the way from Brazil!!! Talita

  2. Thank-you so much for sharing the background! :- ) I just read that Monica was named the representative of Brazil's tourism in 2008!! Way to score a very special doll, Travis! Did you bring anything back for Aunt Leanne?

  3. Cutest gift EVER! and seeing the comment above even more awesome! Love your blog and your family! You are soo soo blessed! Katie

  4. awe cutest doll ever and i love how josie is dancing along with her. you have 2 very cute daughters. you are truly blessed.

  5. caNOT stop laughing. once again...travis and justin have revealed themselves as kindred spirits. our latest business trip surprise was a singing "Justin Beaver" doll. A beaver in a little hoodie that sings our favorite Bieber tune incessantly.

    Welcome home Travis! You are hands down the best shopper I know.

  6. Oh my, that video is seriously cute! I love reading your blog...Josie always makes me smile...she is just so darn cute!