Friday, May 25, 2012

Congratulations are in order...

First of all, congratulations to Travis for successfully completing graduate school!  He is now the proud owner of an MBA.  This was no small feat considering he was simultaneously working full-time, taking multiple international business trips, maintaining a household...oh and all the while welcoming two brand new babies into the fold!  Josie's adoption required us to be out of the state for 8 weeks while she remained in the NICU and that was the only time he had to drop a class.  These past two years have been the most adventurous of our lives and the fact that he was able to ride the wave while completing his MBA is pretty darn impressive. 
We are looking forward to having him home every night of the week now!  Talk about a luxury! 

In other heart-warming news, we received a report from Josie's most recent visit with her pediatric pulmonogist and it contained such good news that I had to share:
If you're questioning the professionalism of the aforementioned report, it is important to clarify that Josie's pulmonogist is not an 11 year-old girl.  I added the embellishments :-)  I couldn't help myself.  No hospitalizations?!  No urgent physician visits?!  No oxygen in the past year?!  Incredible!!!!!
We're all flying high on the good news around here. 


  1. How wonderful!! My husband was also doing his MBA when my son was born prematurely and went through his first two years that very closely resembled Josie's. Kudos to both of you for sticking it out, no easy feat! And what brilliant, brilliant news from the pulm. At 5.5 now, my son has not been on *any* medications for over a year...a true miracle after the first few years of multiple daily breathing treatments and meds. Hooray for you all.

  2. congrats on your husband getting his mba. and way to go josie on no hospitalizations and no oxygen.

  3. Congratulations to both Travis and Josie!


  5. Congratulations to Travis!! I have admired him since the first day I met him!! And hooray for little Josie!! You're doing a great job Elizabeth!!