Monday, July 23, 2012

Aunt Leanne and the never-ending goodbye

Around 10am this morning, the wildly anticipated arrival of Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne put a smile on all of our faces.
The girls required zero warm-up period.  They were ready to jump right in and maximize the fun times with their maternal grandma and aunt.  While Merryn demonstrated her new walking abilities for Mama Hop, Josie showed Aunt Leanne her new favorite expression of affection - the Eskimo kiss!
Aunt Leanne tried to bestow some affection upon Little Miss "Banana Split with Strawberries" (Leanne's food name for Merryn) but she's harder to catch these days.
Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne were kind enough to help with our frenzied lunch time routine. 
Leanne took on the consistently challenging task of feeding Josie...
While Mama Hop braved the battle of the post-meal wipe down with Merryn.  She made it look easy.  It truly isn't.  Unless, perhaps, you've had 35 + years of experience.  Maybe in another 35 years, when I attempt to wipe down a baby after a meal, it will look less like steer wrestling and more like this:
Then it was time to begin the hour-long process of leaving.  Yes, it takes Leanne at least three attempts at saying goodbye to her beloved "rugrats" before she can actually walk out the door...sometimes more. 
I caught today's final goodbye on video.  To see the captioned version, click on the square in the lower right hand corner for the "full screen" effect.
Have no fear: Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne will be back in a couple of weeks for Merryn's first birthday celebration.