Sunday, July 22, 2012

Treadmill Therapy at Home

Josie has been making great strides (pun intended) in treadmill therapy.  She graduated from using the suspended harness and now she just uses the handles to support herself.  She has also accelerated to a lighting fast 0.5mph.  Those two factors mean she is ready to start practicing her treadmill skills and abilities at home. 

Josie is fortunate to have a very handy and creative dad who is determined to provide her with the resources needed to become a successful walker.  Besides, he loves a good household project.

After a trip to Lowes to gather his supplies, he measured our little Diva to see how high to mount the handle bars:
While Dad was hard at work adapting the treadmill for Josie's use, Josie was hard at play.
However, Merryn kept a close eye on him and continuously checked his progress.  She fancies herself quite the foreman.
Hey JoJo - you need to come check this out!

Really?  Well, I suppose I could take a peek...

In a matter of hours, that fancy new contraption was ready and Josie was eager to try it out.  That is, if "eager" means stubbornly dissolving into a limp rag doll at the mere sight of the treadmill.
After a little pep talk from Dad, Josie was ready to try again...
...and while her form leaves something to be desired, she did a little bit better.
Because she is blessed with such a caring and talented Dad, she can now practice her treadmill walking everyday! 
This calls for a "happy face," don't you think?

Tune in tomorrow because everyone's favorite chromosomally enhanced Aunt is popping in for a visit! 


  1. Awesome...Kudos for dad for being handy and loving his girls....

  2. It is good to see such a loving and caring Dad. She'll get it! Hi, my name is Jay and I just found your blog. Our 5th was born with Ds and will be 4 at the end of this month. I amd a stay-at-home Dad and a Physical Therapist who loves helping my son and enjoys reading about the progress of others. Good to read about your husband helping and encouraging your daughter.

  3. Such a handy daddy! We see treadmill therapy in Reese's future (our girl absolutely HATES bearing weight through her legs) so might be hitting Travis up for the specs sometime soon. Go Josie! She's had quite a month with her feeding & gross motor accomplishments. So happy for you guys.

  4. Way to go Travis! Josie you will be running in no time girl!