Monday, July 30, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

We embarked upon a little adventure over the weekend.  We took a little road trip to a hot air balloon festival.  Travis and I attended this same festival a few years back (before children)...
...and we decided to go back this year and take the girls along.  We're big hot air balloon fans around here.  In fact, our playroom has a hot air balloon theme:
Travis (a.k.a. "Crafty Dad) made those hot air balloons

We checked into a hotel and immediately placed the girls within the safe confines of the "junkyard" where they tried to one-up each other with their stellar standing skills.
Staying in a hotel is a fun adventure in and of itself.  The girls were eager to get decked out in their coordinating strawberry swimsuits and practice the skills they're learning at swimming lessons in the hotel pool. 

And if you've ever wondered about the merit of those little swim diapers, well, they're worthless:
Thanks a lot, JoJo!

After being couped up in their car seats and in that hotel room, we decided the trip to the pool should include least for Merryn:
There are few activities that garner a bigger smile from Merryn than pushing her sister around on anything with wheels!
Which way to the pool?

There was lots of kicking, splashing, and aquatic fun.  Travis and I even raced while pushing the girls in their floats. I would have totally defeated him but I got stuck with the heavier kid ;-) It should really become an Olympic event; Michael Phelps could use a new challenge. 
On Saturday evening, we headed out to the hot air balloon festival where, sadly, the skies filled with impending doom:
Can we just take a second and talk about how beautiful this child's eyes are?

Those ominous skies meant that we didn't actually get to see any hot air balloons ascend but we enjoyed ourselves at the festival anyway.  A corn dog and a lemonade shake-up guarantee a good time, weather notwithstanding. 
On Sunday, it was time to check out of the hotel and head back home.  The girls' summoned the bell hop (Dad) and we were on our way.
Even though we didn't get what we came for, we had a fantastic weekend anyway.
We will certainly have many hot air balloon festivals in our future; hopefully some will actually include hot air balloons!


  1. 1. Those EYES! Gorgeous.

    2. Now I'm kicking myself for not having baby races in the pool last week. We were at the NDSC and we had a kid to adult ratio because I have no kids, but my friend Summer has FOUR little ones (yeah, she has four four year olds, and is adopting a three year old as we speak. I don't know how she maintains her sanity). Plus Sarah has two. So basically, we missed a prime opportunity to race babies. GRRRR. I wish I could go back in time now!

  2. Love the matching colors on the girls in the last picture! If Daddy keeps this up, he may be ready to compete on Season 2 of "Craft Wars!"
    Up, Up and Away - in my Beautiful, my Beautiful Balloon...

  3. Sounds like such fun!

    Fyi- swim diapers don't hold pee, just keeps the poo from entering the pool. LOL