Wednesday, August 1, 2012


When I was pregnant with Merryn, I developed a severe case of "pregnancy brain."  One time, I went to the grocery store and filled up my cart, only to realize that I had forgotten my purse and had no form of payment on me.  Another time, I made tuna and noodle casserole and I forgot to add the tuna (minor detail) and I didn't even realize it until I was munching on the leftovers the next day.  Oh and perhaps the biggest pregnancy brain episode was when I arranged childcare, showered, dressed and arrived at a dentist appointment only to be told that I had no appointment!  I had imagined it!  They literally laughed me out of the office.

What an immense relief to put pregnancy and pregnancy brain behind me...until we showed up at the pediatric therapy center this morning for our 10:15am speech therapy appointment only to be told that the speech & language pathologist was on vacation.  Vacation?!  But I had it on my calendar!  The receptionist searched and searched and could find no record of us having an appointment.  Looks like my pregnancy brain has morphed into "momnesia."  Oh and it gets worse...

Josie's beloved physical therapist, Katie, had a cancellation and benevolently offered to do treadmill therapy with us today so we don't have to come back tomorrow.  Great!
Josie walked on the treadmill, practiced walking behind a toy shopping cart, and even practiced reaching, squatting, and bending.  My little speech therapy mishap turned into a productive appointment, indeed.
And while the initial mistake was a bit embarrassing, I left feeling good about how things turned out...until I got home, uploaded my photos, and saw this picture:
Yes, folks - in addition to making up an imaginary speech therapy appointment, I am also responsible for a serious wardrobe malfunction; I dressed Josie in her sister's dress!  And I didn't even notice until I saw the pictures of Josie in this miniskirt so short that it would make Madonna blush!

It's not like they're all that similar in size.   Just to clarify, Merryn wears a size 12M.  Josie wears a size 24M. 
How does this happen?!

I think I need a LONG vacation!


  1. Ummm Elizabeth I hate to tell you this but, maybe you should pee on one of those little sticks again. LOL!


  3. Ha! I now know how that happens and how to prevent it :-) But since you guys capitalized on my paranoid nature, I took Rochelle's advice and the coast is clear! Whew! I mean, all children are a blessing from God, but can you imagine?!?!

    1. Oh drat, I was hoping this was another big announcement. I mean you can't really have enough toddlers running around can you? LOL

  4. you made me LOL. hate to tell you but pregnancy brain never goes away. in fact, i think it gets worse as time goes on. i can't tell you how many times i've gone to an appointment only to be told it's the follow month(s), tried to put a toy in the fridge and the milk on the floor, or put rachel's shoes on the opposite feet.

  5. These 'episodes' really make you feel like you are losing your mind, don't they? Ugh, I hate that! The ladies I work with tell me that I can use 'pregnancy brain' for a good 18 years and I plan to!

  6. Ha ha! I will confess that one time I left the milk out on the counter and put the phone in the refridgerator...I also backed into not one, but two cars while I was pregnant with Emily!