Saturday, August 25, 2012

Love Machine

Dad is back from his business trip to India.  Boy was he missed!  The girls were delighted to see him.
As if his sheer presence wasn't thrilling enough, he brought the girls gifts: singing animals from India!
The upside of having a dad who travels for work is that their international singing animal collection is expanding rapidly!
 Of course some of us are happier about that than others...

Dad sure has a knack for picking out singing animals.  Just when we think they can't get any weirder (or uglier), he amazes us.  I can't even venture a guess as to what he'll return with next time!


  1. i have to say josie so cute and poor merryn just doesn't like the dinasour. how many singing toys does josie now have?

  2. Addy agrees with Merryn :) Keep rockin Josie!

  3. Poor Merryn however it looked like she was getting used to the disco dino because although she was crying she did some dancing moves...Jojo you are an amazing young lady.

  4. Just had to comment as I am crying with laughter! This clip should be entered for an oscar in the short film category, it has everything; tears, laughter, excitement, endurance ('quweeeeeze!), sophisticated props (no wonder the dinosaurs became extinct, they all died of brain injuries from the manic dancing) and an obligatory tender moment! I nominate JoJo for the Best Actress category too! Thanks for brightening a glum Sunday morning in Lincoln, UK! x

  5. Dariya completely enjoyed this. Nice pick Travis!

  6. Elvish Pig, #238. Particular design, collect-worthy.