Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Fundamentals of Being a Diva

You see, the thing about Leanne is that she is a DIVA!  She's hot stuff and she knows it.  In an attempt to make this abundantly clear, she strikes her signature pose anytime a camera is pointed at her.
It's difficult to find a picture of Leanne when she is not striking some sort of diva pose.  She usually exclaims "Easy Breezy Cover Girl!" right before she tilts her head back and dramatically projects her arms.

As heir to Leanne's diva throne, Leanne thinks it's essential that Josie also learn this iconic pose.
At first she was subtle about it - she simply modeled the stance for Little Miss JoJo.
 Then she decided that further coaching was required. 
 And before long, Josie got the hang of it.
 Atta girl!
Josie earned herself an A+ in "Diva 101".  Easy, Breezy, BEAUTIFUL!


  1. See yourself, be yourself! You GO divas! Taylor Swift better watch out!

  2. Love that Diva school, do you think Leanne has openings? I have a couple that could use some diva training. LOL

  3. How Cute!!! I love the pictures and Josie has a wonderful teacher!!!!