Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a day!

Well, the day started off perfectly.  There's no better way to kick things off than with an early morning physical therapy session with Josie's beloved Kody.
Even though gross motor endeavors rank pretty high on Josie's list of most dreaded activities, she always wears a smile when Kody is around.
 She makes just enough progress to impress him but not nearly enough to graduate from his program. It's a fine line.
 Then we took a little road trip to our feeding therapy appointment.  Never having been accused of being apathetic, Mom insisted Josie continue to practice her walking, so we ditched the stroller and took the walker through the long hallways of the Down Syndrome Clinic. 

So you can understand the overwhelming guilt mom felt when Josie took a big spill on the way to the car, which resulted in this:
Hello Pavement!  I'd like to introduce you to my face.

I'm not sure who was more traumatized.  My heart broke for our little JoJo and I felt like a big pile of maternal failure. 

Lucky for Josie, Dad knew just what to do to get her mind off of her little ordeal; he shuffled us into the car and we set out for Chuck E Cheese.
Nothing is quite as healing as a few rounds of skee ball, some hokey rides, mediocre pizza, and a fist full of prize tickets.  But the absolute best part of the evening was the sensational serenade by life-sized singing animals on stage!  Josie danced so enthusiastically, I feared she may have a second spill of the day out of her crusty wooden restaurant high chair.  She kept shouting requests, "La Bamba!  Piña Colada!" but they fell on deaf ears.  Perhaps the band just needed a little more time to rehearse those classics before performing them live. 

Regardless, it was exactly the prescription to turn Josie's frown upside down.  Here's hoping tomorrow is a little less eventful - for everyone's sake.  We could use a little "boring" around here.


  1. Poor Josie and poor Mom! I think we all have moments like that - when somebody gets an owie and Mom was right there. It feels rotten, but it's a part of growing up. I LOVE that you went to Chuck E. Cheese afterwards. I laughed out loud at the "sensational serenade by life sized singing animals." I bet Josie loved it. My husband asked why I was so amused, so I made him go back with me to watch several Josie/talking animal videos. She's a cutie! As is sweet Merryn. :)

  2. I still giggle every time I see her smiling at Kody! Too funny. Hope she is feeling much better!

  3. That girl's no fool. Get her a snaggle-toothed PT. On the DOUBLE.

  4. I absolutely love the picture of Josie looking up at her PT. priceless!!